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Computer Security and Information Assurance

Computer security research focuses on cryptography, trust, privacy and information survivability issues such as threat modeling, intrusion detection, assessment and recovery in networked computers and wireless networks. Assessment of performance, reliability, availability, and security is a key step in the design, analysis, and redesign of computer systems.


Laboratories and Research Groups

Security, Privacy and Dependability Research (SPIDER) Group
Director: Shambhu Upadhyaya
We work on various aspects of security and dependability that include user-level anomaly detection, insider threat modeling, event correlation and cyber attack recognition, security in mobile ad hoc networks, emergency sensor networks, malware detection, human-centered security and empirical cyber security.


  • Self-Verifiable Enterprise Server Design
  • Secure and Reliable Routing and Reconfigurability in Mobile Ad-hoc Networks
  • User-level Anomaly Detection with Emphasis on Insider Attack
  • Insider Threat Modeling
  • Event Correlation for Cyber Attack Recognition Systems
  • Secure and Fault Tolerant Voting in Distributed Systems
  • Protecting Documents from Insider Abuse
  • Human-Centered Security
  • Privacy Preserving Neural Network Learning
  • Privacy Preserving Data Mining against Malicious Parties
  • k-Anonymization over Distributed Data
  • Robust Localization against Malicious Sensors
  • Benchmarking of Cryptographic Operations on Hand-held Devices