UBMM Students at PennApps Fall 2013

With over 1000 hackers and 200 teams from 100+ universities participating in PennApps Fall 2013 Hackathon, UB students made it to the Top 20 teams. Given the time frame of 40 hours for developing an application, the team from UB - Panya Chanawangsa, Radhakrishna Dasari, Sai Samrat Karlapudi and Sreeharsha Konduri developed SplitStore.

SplitStore addresses the user's skepticism of data privacy on cloud by a smart way of splitting, indexing and storing files and leveraging cloud storage from multiple vendors. It is an android application that lets the users save their files in chunks across DropBox, SkyDrive and Google Drive. It uses MySQL database on Amazon EC2 to store the file indexes

Below is the list of top twenty applications at PennApps.

  1. Muisqueue 2.0, University of Pennsylvania
  2. VibeBack, University of Virginia
  3. Synth, Carnegie Mellon University
  4. Droplet, UC Berkeley
  5. BitMe, University of Pennsylvania
  6. Swap, Stanford (1st Prize)
  7. Juke, University of Pennsylvania
  8. NetFixxed, Yale and UT Austin
  9. DeCrowder, ETH Zurich
  10. Super Duper Mario, Carnegie Mellon University (2nd Prize)
  11. Codify, University of Pennsylvania
  12. SplitStore, University at Buffalo
  13. Token, University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign
  14. Agora, California Institute of Technology
  15. TexIt, Berkeley
  16. Wagerize, Yale University
  17. SoundMesh, National University of Singapore (3rd Prize)
  18. Weighly, ETH Zurich
  19. Book Crooks, Brown University
  20. ScreenShades, Stanford