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Lab 9 Contest Winners (Posted 12/20)

The results of the Lab 9 contest have been finalized and a repository has been created of the winners' code. The winners are as follows:


  • First Place: Lucas Miller (8 points)
  • Second Place: Kyle Carbone (5 points)
  • Third Place: Jacob Joyce (3 points)
  • Fourth Place: Siu Sing Chow (2 points)
  • Fifth Place: Sanjay Connare (2 points)

Creative: No Winners - no one presented for a creative submission :-(

The contest repository is located in /projects/CSE115/Repositories/ContestFinalists.

Section C grades "final" (Posted 12/19)

The grades for section C are completely inputted and "final". That means that we would encourage all of you to look at your grade in the gradebook and if you notice any problems to let us know IMMEDIATELY! Grades have not yet been submitted and will not appear on MyUB until we have submitted them. We are not planning to officially submit grades until sometime next week. Please email both of us if you have any questions about your grade.

Have a good break!

-Adrienne & Carl

Sample Final Exam

To help you in preparing for the final exam, we are posting last year's final exam.

Demos for Extra Credit for Lab 9 & Changes in Quiz Schedule (Section C)

The time to demo your Lab 9 to be eligible for extra credit are Monday, November 27th 5:00pm - 6:30pm and Tuesday, November 28th 5:30pm - 7:00pm. You MUST sign up for a demo slot outside of Adrienne's office door in order to demo your project. The only people eligible for the extra credit offered in Lab 9 are those that demo their code. All demos will be held in Baldy 21.

Note: Please put your name and email address on the signup sheet. Make sure it is an email address that you will read regularly in case we need to send you any additional information.

There will not be a quiz on Monday, November 27th for section C. The quiz on Monday, December 4th will be moved to Wednesday,December 6th instead. Therefore, there will only be a total of 8 quizzes this semester.

Recitation cancelled Tuesday November 21st

Recitations are cancelled Tuesday November 21st for all sections. Have a great break.

Rotating Pills

If you look at the Lab 10 description, there is a link in the "A points" section that takes you to a PowerPoint presentation with some hints about rotating pills.

Enjoy your break!

Clark has come down with another instance of the plague. His office hours and such are cancelled until after Break. Enjoy your Turkey Day!


Thanksgiving Lab 10 Help

Chris will be holding office hours from 1:00 to 1:50 on Friday 11/17. Also you can e-mail him (csk3@cse.buffalo.edu) to make an appointment on the Monday and Tuesday before break (in addition to normal office hours).

"Meet the Mentors" Pizza Party!

We're having a pizza party on Thursday, November 16, from 5:00 to 7:00, in Baldy 101 (the round room called the Kiva). Come and meet the mentors, have a slice, and relax!

Mike and Clark screw up, again

The example Clark did in lab that was in the LectureCode/C repository is now an Application. If you were having trouble using a JFrame, take a look at this for an example.

There was an error in the graphics package. If you add many graphics quickly, the program would crash. This is now fixed. So you don't have this issue at home you are encouraged to redownload the Classlibs.jar if you're working on Lab 9 outside the lab.

What's our vector Victor?

It seems that I didn't correctly explain the follower behavior. I said that what you had to do was this:

fish.setVector( leader.getVector() );

I thought this would work, but it ends up providing some awkward behavior. I couldn't figure out why, and then whilst cleaning the stove because my roomates are slobs, it struck me why it was acting weird. Doing it this way takes the leader's vector, and sets the follower's vector to be the exact same object. They both have references to only one instance of Vector. In essence, they share the same Vector object, both modifying it when they hit the walls and bounce off.

          If none of that made sense, what you need to know is how to do it correctly. Build your own vector for the fish based on the leader's vector:

fish.setVector( new Vector(leader.getDx(), leader.getDy()) );


MouseListener Demo Code

Hello Students!
I didn't feel that I did a very good job explaining MouseListeners today in my 10am Recitation so I wrote up some demo code and posted it to the LectureCode/C repository under the name MouseListenerDemo. Also, there is a very good tutorial from the nice people at SUN availible here!
Good Luck on Lab 8,

Chapter 6 available & Change in staffed lab hours

Chapter 6 is available for pick-up at Great Lakes Graphics and Printing. Enjoy! :-)

Quiz 6 (for Section C) has been moved from Monday, November 6th to Wednesday, November 8 and will cover topics up to and including Chapter 6.

Jim's staffed lab hours will be canceled for the remainder of the semester starting Monday, November 6th. There will possibly be some additional staffed hours beginning the week of November 13th. Please watch the announcements for details.

Awww... sick!

Clark's rations were set to meager and his pace was set to grueling, he has fallen ill with a case of typhoid. Therefore his Office Hour today(10/30) at 2pm has been cancelled.

Attempting to Ford the River,

Sorry Tuesday!

Clark made a mistake, Lab 7 is a one week lab and not a two week lab! You are responsible for completing the entire lab by 11:59:59pm the day before your recitation. Have no fear though, the MultiFishBehavior Menu should be easy to implement after successfully completing lab 6.


  1. Create an instance variable for each type of behavior in the menu and make sure it's declared type is IFishBehavior.
  2. "Turn on" a behavior by creating a new instance of the proper "concrete" behavior and assigning it to the instance variable.
    ie. _skateboarding = new SkateBoarding();
  3. "Turn off" a behavior by creating a new instance of the Null behavior and assigning it to the instance variable.
    ie. _skateboarding = new NullBehavior();
  4. Create a "MultiBehaviorFish" by properly implementing the Composite Design Pattern that we learned about in Lab 6. Only this time, you need to create a "Composite Behavior" instead of a "Composite Shape" and you should use the instance variables that you declared instead of creating the behaviors when you create the composite behavior.
    ie. _clarkBehavior = new CompositeBehavior(new HackingBehavior(), new CompositeBehavior(new DrinkingBehavior(), new CompositeBehavior(new WomanizingBehavior(), new NullBehavior())));

Good Luck,

Adrienne & Carl out of town

Adrienne and Carl will be at OOPSLA from October 21st - 27th and not on campus. Office hours are canceled for next week. Lecture will meet as scheduled. Office hours resume normally the week of October 30th.

Change in due dates because of school closings

For LABS: There have been changes to the due dates for Labs 5 & 6 because of the campus closings, please check the due dates section of the lab descriptions for updated due dates for your section.

For ESSAYS (Section C only): The rough draft portion of the essay is now due on Monday, October 23rd in class. However, to encourage you to turn your essay in early, we are offering a 10 point bonus on your rough draft score if you turn the rough draft in on the original due date, Friday, October 20th.

Please note that you MUST turn in a rough draft in order to turn in a final draft. Failure to turn in a final draft of the essay will result in a grade of F on the essay component of the course and an overall grade of F in CSE 115.

Alphonce Office Hour cancellation (Oct 12/Oct 13)

Professor Alphonce's office hours are cancelled on both Thursday, October 12th and Friday, October 13th.

Office Hours Changed for Friday, Oct 6th

Adrienne's Office Hours will be moved to 12:00 - 1:00 for this Friday, October 6th only. Normal hours will resume next week.

Clark's Lab 4 Demo

Due to Clark's reliance on technology, he was 40 minutes late to his 4pm lab on October 3rd(The calendar in my BlackBerry deleted the appointment for some reason). However, this is a good thing for students! Clark typed up demo code that may (or may not) help you in your quest to complete Lab 4. It is available in an archive named Lab4Demo.jar . You can use the import command under the File menu in Eclipse to gain access to this treasure trove of information.

Clark has Office Hours : W 14:00-15:00 and F 13:00-14:00

Please attend them if you have any further questions.

Chapter 4 Available & Office Hours Canceled

Chapter 4 is available for purchase at Great Lakes Graphics & Printing in the Commons.

Adrienne's office hours are canceled for Friday, September 29th.

CSE Mentor Program

As we announced in lecture, we have launched a CSE mentor program this semester. This program is for you (yes, you). For more information about this program, and how to request a mentor, read About the CSE Mentor Program.

Notes Found

A copy of the lecture notes from Great Lakes Graphics & Printing was found in Baldy 21. Email Mike Kozelsky if it is yours.


Welcome to the CSE 115 website. You should check this page often for announcements.

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