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Peer Evaluations

Each of you will have an impact on the grades of your other team members. You will do this through peer evaluations. Your team has been given 40 points to split equally amongst your team mates. (If you are a group of six, you have 42 points.)

You can choose to distribute the points in any manner that you see if (40 points for you, none for them - or whatever). You will place your point distributions in a text file. In the file you will put the names of each of the team members and your point allocation. You do not need to justify the allocation, but if there is something you feel I should know about a group member or members, please let me know in that text file. Your group mates will never see your point allocation or your comments in these files.

You should name your file Stage1Peer.txt and submit it using the electronic submit program (submit_cse116) by 11:59:59pm on Thursday, September 28th.

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