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Updates to gradebook (Posted 12/19)

There have been a number of updates to the gradebook and a new version has been posted today. Because of the number of changes, I will not be submitting grades this week to make sure we've caught all the errors. I will submit grades sometime next week and then you will see your final grade on MyUB.

Grades "final" & a note about textbooks (Posted 12/12)

The grades are as up to date as I can make them at this point and should be considered "final." Please email me with any problems you see with your grade. If a grade has been posted incorrectly, I will need to see the paper with the grade to fix the problem. I am going to submit grades next week sometime, probably around the 20th, so please make sure to contact me before then so that we can fix any problems that may be in the gradebook.

If you are interested in selling your textbook to a student in next semester's class directly (as opposed to selling it to the bookstore), please send me an email with your name and a contact email address that you will check over break as well as when you get back from break. I will be posting to next semester's 191 site a list of students who are willing to sell their copies of the books to next semester's students.

Watch for Announcements here about grades (Posted 12/12)

I am currently working on grades in the gradebook. So, for a time, your grade might look incorrect. As soon as I feel that grades are "final", I will post to this page to let you know.

Recitation Canceled & Change in office hours

All recitations on Tuesday are canceled. Albert's office hours will end at 5:00pm on 11/21 as well.

On Monday, 11/27, Jason's office hours will be held from 3:30 - 5:30pm.

Office Hours and Recitations Canceled

Jason's office hour and recitation are canceled today (11/8) due to illness. Please stop by office hours or email one of the other staff members if you have questions.

Adrienne's at OOPSLA

As I've said in class, I'll be at OOPSLA all this week (23 - 27), so my office hours are canceled. Normal office hours will resume on the 30th. Class and recitation will meet as normal.

Recitation this morning (10/12)

Albert overslept and missed the A3 recitation this morning. If you have questions, please come by the 11:00 recitation, or to office hours. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Recitation A2 Canceled

Due to its unpopularity, recitation A2 has been canceled and will no longer meet for the rest of the semester. If that was your scheduled recitation, please feel free to attend another recitation or utilize staff office hours to get your questions answered.

Office Hours Changed for Friday, Oct 6th

Adrienne's Office Hours will be moved to 12:00 - 1:00 for this Friday, October 6th only. Normal hours will resume next week.

Office Hours Canceled

Adrienne will be out of town on Friday, September 29 and her office hours are canceled. Lecture will meet as normal on Friday. If you need assistance, please see the TAs or send her an email.

HW Submissions

Please make sure to staple your HW before submitting it. Please begin this procedure for your HW for the problems from sections 1.3 & 1.4 that are due on 9/25 and 9/26 respectively. For the HW due on 10/9 and 10/10, unstapled HWs will not be accepted and will receive a grade of zero for the assignment.

HW Posted

The HW problems for section 1.1 have been posted and the link on the schedule has been activated. These problems are due at the first quiz.

Bring Books to Class

As stated in lecture, there will be many times when we refer to problems from the text in class, so please bring the book with you to lecture.


Welcome to the CSE 191 website. Please check this page often for announcements.


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