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Grades in Gradebook Final (Posted 12/17)

The grades you will see in the gradebook now are the ones that I will be submitting to the University as your final grade for this course. If you notice any errors or have any questions, please email them to me. I will only be reading email sporatically this week, but will be in a few days next week and will do my best to resolve any issues then. I will officially submit the grades on 12/28 and they should appear on MyUB within a day or so after my submission.

Gradebook Update (Posted 12/11)

I am still working on portions of the presentation project grades, but for those of you who elected not to complete the project, your grades can be considered final. When all grades are final, I will post another update.

Office Hours Cancelled

Adrienne's office hours are cancelled for 12/4. Extra office hours for this week will be held on Wednesday 12/5 10am-noon and Thursday 12/6 10am to noon.

It's Almost the End of the Semester

Please note the updates to the calendar for the last two weeks of the semester. Please check for updates regularly in these last two weeks for any changes.

Recitations week of November 19th

Any recitations that would not have been cancelled by the Thanksgiving break will NOT meet this week. NO ONE is required to attend recitation this week. Class will meet as normal on Monday.

Office Hours Change for 11/14 & 11/16

Adrienne's office hours for Friday, November 16th (2-3) are cancelled. Makeup office hours will be on Wednesday, November 14th from 3:30 - 5:00, and Friday, November 16th 10:00am-11:30am.

Updated information about the Presentation Project (Posted 11/12/07)

Everyone should look at the updated Grading Breakdown of the presentation project posted on the Assignments page. Even if you are not doing the presentation project, you are required to be in the audience during the presentations and evaluating the presenters. Attendance will be taken and failure to be present for all presentations will result in a reduction of up to 15 points from your Exam 4 score.

Review Session for Exam 3 & Exam Topics (Posted 11/7/07)

The review session will be tomorrow (Thursday 11/8) at 5:00pm in Capen 10.

Someone just emailed me and reminded me that I only posted section numbers to the website about the exam, but not sections to be ignored. The sections to be ignored are: 2.5 (Divide-and-Conquer Recurrence Relations), 3.1 (Countable and Uncountable Sets), 4.1 (Partial orderings AND Equivalence Relations)

Some open hours for Adrienne (Posted 11/7/07)

Adrienne will be in her office and available for questions on Wednesday, November 7 after 3pm and up until around 5pm. If you have questions or issues you would like to discuss, please stop by.

Changes in schedule for beginning of week (Posted 11/5/07)

Adrienne has sprained her ankle and will not be in class on Monday, November 5th and her office hours are cancelled for Monday, November 5th and Tuesday, November 6th. Classes will be as normal on Wednesday, November 7th and this will not impact the upcoming test schedule.

Homework 8 solutions posted

The solutions to HW8 can now be found by following the link under the Assignments page.

Homework 6 and Homework 7 solutions posted

The solutions for HW6 and HW7 can now be found by following the link under the Assignments page

Week of 10/22 (Posted 10/19)

As stated in lecture this week, Adrienne is away at OOPSLA from 10/20 to 10/24 (late). Lectures and recitations will be held as normally scheduled. Please note the homework due on Friday. Adrienne's office hours are cancelled for Monday and Tuesday.

If you are doing the presentation assignment, group requests are due on Friday, October 26th. Please do not turn them in earlier. If you have an entire group or a partial group, simply write on a piece of paper the names of the people you would like to work with on the project. If you do not select a group, your group will be assigned after the Friday deadline.

Review Session Time and Location (Posted 10/15)

Review session will be held in 218 Norton on Wednesday, October 17th at 5:00pm

Turning in Homework Assignments (Posted 10/15)

Please note that starting with the Homework due on 10/19, the stapled, no ragged-edged notebook paper rules will begin to be strictly enforced. Homeworks turned in with multiple pages and not stapled or turned in on torn-out notebook paper will only be given a grade of 1 out of 2. Note that a stapler will NOT be available in class to staple your assignment.

Tutoring and Scholarships

There are several free tutoring opportunities available to students. I have posted a link for the Residence Hall tutoring program (It's a Publisher document) as well as the Tau Beta Pi Tutoring.

There is also a scholarship opportunity that many of you qualify for, please, take advantage of it if you are eligible.

Recitations to be cancelled - Office Hour Change

Starting this week, the following recitations will no longer meet: Tuesday at 8:00am and Thursday at 7:00pm.

Recitation attendance is still mandatory and will be taken. If you were planning on attending either of these two recitations, look on the meetings page to see if you can attend one of the other recitations. If you are unable to attend any recitaiton, please email Adrienne immediately.

Albert will no longer be holding his Friday 1-2 office hour. Please see People page for changes.

Albert's Office Hours Cancelled 10/8

Albert will not be holding his office hour today from 1pm - 2pm

HW4 Posted

Homework 4 has been posted to the assignments page for anyone who would like a jump start on section 2.1.

Errata for HW solutions

Two mistakes have been brought to my attention in the HW1 solutions: Section 1.1, Question 7(e) should read "The food is good OR the service is excellent" and Section 1.1, Question 26 should read "(A OR B) AND NOT(A AND B) AND NOT C"

Homework solutions posted

To help you prepare for the exam, the homework solutions for HW1 and HW2 have been posted on the monthly schedule (under the entry for their respective due dates). I have also prepared the solutions for HW3 and will post them after lecture on Friday.

Former Section B Students: Make Sure You Are Registered

If you had originally registered for section B of CSE 191 and your records do not indicate that you are registered for CSE 191 anymore (please check this on MyUB), then you should send email to Jaynee Straw (straw@cse.buffalo.edu) including your name, your person number, and the registration number for one of the section A recitations.

Start on HW1

Generally I will formally announce each homework the Friday before it is due, but feel free to start forming groups (remember you can and should work together!) and look at the problems from HW1. After lecture on Friday (8/31) you will have everything you need to solve these problems, but feel free to read the book for this info as well.


Welcome to the CSE 191 website. Please check this page often for announcements.

A Note about Instructors

I (Adrienne Decker) am the official instructor for this course. However, I am currently home enjoying my new baby. I will be back on October 1. In my absence, Albert Goldfain has been assigned to act as instructor in my place. During my absence, all correspondence about course issues should be directed to him. Decisions on the grading of coursework and exams has (when possible) been done in consultation with me. Therefore, his word on grading issues is final in my absence as well.

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