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Last modified: Friday October 17 2008 05:28:01 PM

Adrienne's at OOPSLA (Posted 10/17)

Adrienne is at OOPSLA from 10/18 to 10/23. Office hours are cancelled for Tuesday and Wednesday. Lectures and recitations will continue as normal.

Website updates and gradebook (Posted 10/8)

The gradebook has been updated with various columns and such and is available on UBLearns - UBLearns will be updated somewhat regularly with new grades throughout the semester.

Please note the announcement on UBLearns about the Paper Tax (what it means and how it may apply to you).

Also note the posting of a grading page and the grading guidelines for the already graded assignments on the website.

Office Hours Change for 9/23

Adrienne's office hours will begin at 11:30 on 9/23.

Software Installation Fest

The CSEUGSA will be holding a software installation fest this week on Tuesday 9/16 6:00pm - 9:00pm and Wednesday 9/17 7:00pm - 9:00pm in Baldy 21. Bring your desktop or laptop down to have the appropriate programs installed so that you can work on the projects assigned in this class on your own machine.

Source Code from Class

The source code from class will be posted on the server in /projects/CSE250/Fall2008/Code.

Course Schedule

I have posted a tentative course schedule that gives due dates and exam dates and topics for the rest of the semester. Please check out the schedule page.

Recitation Schedule

Based on student feedback and availability of Baldy 21, the recitation schedule has changed, please see Meetings page for further details.


Welcome to the CSE 250 webpage - please check these pages often for updates.

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