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Grades "Final" (Posted 5/15)

I have just posted what I believe are the "final" grades for 115/503. I have NOT YET submitted the grades. Please look at the grades in the gradebook and report any potential errors to me. I will be submitting grades officially on Friday. If possible, please alert me to any problems before then.

Results of Lab 8 contest(Posted 5/16)

OOPS - just realized that we forgot to announce the winners for the Lab 8 extra credit contest. The winners were:

1st place - Chris Moynihan - Section A4 - 10 points
2nd place - Mike Zorn - Section A2 - 8 points
3rd place - Jianqaio Zhu - Section B1 - 5 points

1st place - Trevor Johnson - Section A4 - 10 points
2nd place - Katie Spengler - Section A2 - 8 points
3rd place - Ouadie Amaach - Section B2 - 5 points
Honorable Mention - Linda Tang - Section B4 - 3 points

There is a repository set up of this semester's winners in /projects/CSE115/Repositories/ContestFinalists/Spring2007

Jim's Sick & Office Hours During Exam Week (Posted 4/30)

Bad news - Jim is actually, really, truly ill and will not be able to make it to his scheduled open hours today.

Also, office Hours officially ended on 4/30. None of the staff will have official office hours during exam week. If you have an issue about the course that you need to discuss, you can send an email to Adrienne detailing your concern. If an appointment is warranted, one can be arranged. No appointments will be granted for exam review - go to the review session. If you have an issue with the grading of your Lab 8 or Lab 9, send an email to the TA that graded your lab FIRST.

Lab 8 Extra Credit (Posted 4/11)

There is now a sign-up sheet located outside Adrienne's office door to sign up to demo your Lab 8 for extra credit. The demos will be held Thursday, April 19th beginning at 5:00pm. Please sign up on the sheet to be guaranteed a spot to demo.

Now Hiring for Student Mentors for Fall 2007 (Posted 4/4)

                    CSE Mentors Needed for Fall 2007

The CSE department has a mentoring program for new majors (students
enrolled in CSE 115).

We are currently looking for enthusiastic students who possess a
desire to help new students feel at home in the department to join
the mentor program.

Students interested in applying must minimally meet the following
 * they must be a student at UB (extreme preference given to undergraduate students)
 * they must be in good academic standing at the University and within the department
 * they must have taken more than one semester's worth of courses at UB
   (having taken CSE 115 & 116 at UB is preferred)
Mentor responsibilities include (but are not limited to):
 * Guiding a small group of CSE 115 students as they begin their
   academic careers in the CSE department
 * Organizing regular meetings with mentees
 * Attending an orientation session for mentors and mentees
 * Attending a weekly mentor meeting with a faculty mentor supervisor
 * Participating in activities of interest to beginning students,
   such as a "how to set up your laptop to work from home" workshop,
   and recruiting activities such as "Open House" and "Preview Day".

Applicants are asked to create a resume and obtain a print out of the 
"My Grades & GPA" link from MyUB in the mailbox of Carl Alphonce no later than 
Friday, April 13, 2007. You must include your UB email address on your resume.  All
materials should be submitted in hard copy.

Suitable applicants will be contacted to arrange an interview.

While this is an unpaid position, you will receive University credit
for participating in the mentor program.

If you have any questions or need any additional information, please
e-mail Carl Alphonce at alphonce@cse.buffalo.edu with the subject line
"CSE Mentor Information".

Get well soon Chris (Posted 4/4)

Chris' illness has gotten the better of him today and he was unable to make it to recitation. All student from today's recitation are welcome to attend any other recitation this week (especially Chris' 10am on Friday). Chris will be holding some additional office hours to make up for the recitation. Watch this page for details.

Let's Make Some Noise

We have added a Sound class to the Classlibs. It allows you to create a sound object from a .wav file (other formats supported but not tested). You can then play, stop, and loop the file in any way you, the programmer, sees fit.
Oops! It doesn't work in Baldy 21. Doh! At least not yet.
It does work for sure on Windows. Check it out. We expect all kind'a cool sounds; especially particularly gruesome chicken death rattles.

Lostilitus Cellulitis Phonilitus

There has been a severe case of Lostilitus Cellulitis Phonilitus going around Baldy 21.
Please make sure you know where your cell phone is and that you take it with you when you leave.

Some changes in Open Lab Hours (Posted 3/20/07)

Jim will be holding extra lab hours tonight (Tuesday, March 20) from 5pm - 7pm. Also, he will be holding hours on Thursday, March 29 from 5pm to 7pm. Jim's hours on March 31st are canceled.

Adrienne's at SIGCSE(Posted 3/7/07)

I will be at SIGCSE from Wednesday, March 7th - Saturday, March 10th presenting a paper. I should have access to email. Please note that class will meet on Friday as scheduled.

Baldy 21 over Spring Break

Baldy 21 will be open via card access over break, but there will not be any staffed lab hours.

Paper Tax (Posted 2/28/07)

When you log into the gradebook the next time, you might notice a column for the Paper tax. You are assessed a paper tax if there are papers that I have in my posession for you to collect, or if there is an issue I need to see you about. The paper tax is 10 points off your exam average. If you fail to have all your paper taxes removed before the end of the semester, those points will come off your final exam average and your final course grade. Please see me before/after class or during office hours to collect your papers.

A Word of Advice

For those of you who haven't already done so, this is a very good time to start taking an active roll in your CSE115 experience. Bring your class notes and copy of the Alphonce/Decker text to recitation. Please come prepared to ask questions. To aid in this, read the entire lab ahead of time and start thinking about how you might solve the first few steps of the assignment. Take some notes, look at the Javadocs, draw diagrams, think about classes you will need, and possible relationships between them. The back of those colored print-out cover sheets are great for this! Having wrong ideas is better than having no ideas. All of us are here to learn :-)


Lab 6 Posted (Posted 2/26/07)

Lab 6 has been posted on the Labs page. Please note that it is a two-week lab. Therfore, we will only have nine total lab assignments this semester. The syllabus has been updated to reflect this change.

IMPORTANT: Changes to Syllabus (Posted 2/13/07)

Please note that the circumstances of this semester have forced me to eliminate the essay component of the course. Therefore, points that would have been awarded for the essay have now been re-distributed to other parts of the course.

Staffed Lab Hours Canceled - this week only (Posted 2/5/07)

Keith will not be able to make his staffed lab hours on Wednesday 2/7 because he is going in for surgery on his ankle. His hours should resume next week, but watch this page for any additional cancellations

Mentor Meeting Schedule (Updated 2/7/07)

Here is a current list of mentor meetings that have been scheduled so far for the upcoming week. More updates will be posted as more meetings are scheduled:

  • Zeb (zelohnes): Monday, February 5th at 11:00am
  • Robert (rlongtin), Russ (rm68), Jon (jcc28): Monday, February 5th at 1:00pm in 242 Bell
  • Hung (hungvan): Monday, February 5th at 3:00 - 3:15in 229 Bell
  • Mobain (msshaikh): Monday, February 5th at 3:30pm
  • Robert (rlongtin), Russ (rm68) & Jon (jcc28): Monday, February 5th at 4:00pm in Truthing Room in Commons (meet in Commons Atrium between 3:55 and 4:05)
  • Jack (jgreeney): Monday, February 5th 5:00pm - lobby of student union
  • Josh (jbrogers): Monday, February 5th at 5:00pm
  • Hung (hungvan): Monday, February 5th 5:00 - 5:30pm - 229 Bell
  • Shijo (skz): Monday, February 5th 5:30pm - Baldy 21
  • Amy (amevans): Tuesday, February 6th 4:00pm - lobby of student union
  • Shijo (skz): Tuesday, February 6th 5:30pm - Baldy 21
  • Elana (etrudell): Wednesday, February 7th at 3:00pm
  • Eric (emilillo): Wednesday, February 7th at 6:00pm
  • Mike (mjh32): Thursday, February 8th at 4:00pm - Lounge behind SU Theatre (201 SU)
  • Adam (aahelak): Monday, February 12th at 5:00pm - Bell 229
  • Adam (aahelak): Monday, February 12th at 6:00pm - Bell 229

No labs first week of class (Posted 1/10/07)

There will be no lab meetings the first week of class. Labs will begin in the second week.


Welcome to the CSE 115 website. You should check this page often for announcements.

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