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Last modified: Monday May 05 2008 09:54:57 AM

Change in hours for Tuesday 5/6 (Posted 5/5)

I will not be in until 10:00am on Tuesday 5/6, but I will be in my office until 3pm.

Review Session for Final Exam

Review session for the final exam will be on Monday, May 5th noon-1pm in 222 NSC.

Office Hours for week of 4/28 & 5/5

I will be in the office as follows this week. Note that these times are not "office hours", but I will probably be in the office. If I have to leave, I will post a note.

Monday 4/28 - usual office hours 1:00 - 1:50
Tuesday 4/29 - not available in person
Wednesday 4/30 - noon - 1; 4-5
Thursday 5/1 - 9-10
Friday 5/2 - 9-12; 2-3:30
Monday 5/5 - 9-3
Tuesday 5/6 - 9-3
Wednesday 5/7 - not available in person
Thursday 5/8 - 9 - 3
Friday 5/9 - not available in person

Tutorials Posted

The student created Tutorials are posted here for anyone who is interested.

Mentors Wanted

We are once again recruiting for the CSE Mentors program. Please see full info here.

Last CSE Lunchtime Chat

The last CSE Lunchtime Chat of the semester will be on Friday, April 25th at noon. Please see full info here.

ACM & CSEUGSA Announcements

There are some meetings coming up for the ACM and CSEUGSA - please see links for details.

Change in Office Hours

Mark's office hours this week will be modified as follows:

Friday 4/11: canceled :(

Thursday 4/10: will now start at 2:00 pm instead of 2:30 and end at 3:20 pm as normal.

Tuesday 4/8: he will hold an extra hour in Baldy 21 from 4:00 to 4:45 pm.

Arithmetic Error in Syllabus

A student just pointed out to me that the distribution for lab assignments adds up to 41, not 40. I like the distribution as stated, so to fix the problem, I am taking away 1% from the Communications assignment, meaning it will only be worth 9% of your overall grade and the labs will be worth 41%.

Change in Room for Exam Review 4/1

Please note that the exam review session on 4/1 has been moved to 242 Bell (not 224 Bell as usual). This change only effects 4/1.

Friday, March 21st - Lab 7 QA session

There will be no formal lecture, but the TAs will be in class on Friday to host an informal Lab 7 question and answer and advice session. Please attend if you are interested in more information about Lab 7.

No lecture Friday, March 21st & Communications Assignment Change of Dates

Lecture will not meet on Friday, March 21st. Labs will meet as normal. Lectures resume on 3/24.

Also, please note that due to the changes in due dates for Labs 7 & 8, the presentations and papers are due at different times than originally stated. The new due dates are reflected in the Communications page and the schedule pages.

Lab 8 is now posted and the grading guidelines for Labs 5, 6, 7, and 8 are now posted.

Changes in some due dates

There will be some changes to the due dates of Labs 7, 8, 9. Early points for Labs 7 & 8 will be replaced with the ability to earn a grade greater than 100% for submitting early. Early points will remain on Lab 9 for the final submission. Please see lab descriptions and schedule for further information. Only Lab 7 is posted at this time.

Regrading of Exam 4 (Pink version only)

If you lost points on Question 2 part e and had the pink exam, please turn in the exam for a possible regrade. There was a mismatch between the code given and the directions of part e that could have caused some confusion. All papers wishing to be regraded must be turned in by Wednesday 2/24.

Some schedule Changes

There have been some changes to the schedule for Communications Assignments and Lab due dates. Please see Schedule pages accordingly.

Office Hour Changes Next Week (2/25)

Leah's office hours on Monday (2/25) are canceled. She will hold an office hour on Tuesday 2/26 10:00 - 10:50 in its place.

Adrienne's office hours for Tuesday (2/26) are canceled. Makeup office hours will be Tuesday 2/26 11:00 - 11:50 and 3:00 - 3:50

Working from home on Lab 4

If you are working from home on Lab 4, then you must take the extra step of downloading the image files from timberlake that are in /projects/CSE115/Classlibs/Spring2008, or the images will not appear on your home machine. The image files should be placed in your directory of the same name on your machine.

Communications Assignment Available (B3 section)

The assignment for B3 (Conditional expressions tutorial) is available. If someone would like to switch to that assignment, requests will be granted on a first email, first choice basis.

Talk about IT Jobs

What IT Employers are Looking for in Recent College Graduates

WHEN: Tuesday February 12
TIME: 5:30pm 7:00pm
WHERE: UB North Campus - O'Brian Hall 109


Please see here for more information. Registration is required in order to attend.

Software Installation Fest - Take 2

There will be another software installation fest on Tuesday 2/26 and Wednesday 2/27 from 4pm to 7pm in Baldy 21. If you are interested in trying out the install on your own, a list of software you need is available here.

Exam Review Sessions

As mentioned in class, there will be sessions hosted by mentors to review the most recent exams. Exam 1 will be reviewed on Tuesday 2/12 at 11:00am in 224 Bell and again on Thursday at 2:00pm in 242 Bell. Please feel free to stop by. See the schedule page for more information about future exam reviews (always at these times).

Software Installation Fest

Please note the correct dates for the software installation fest:
Tuesday, February 5th 4pm to 7pm
Wednesday, February 6th 4pm to 7pm
Location: Baldy 21

Feel free to bring your laptop or desktop to have the appropriate software installed for this class.

Office Hours Posted

Office Hours are now officially posted on the People page.

Required Office Hour Visit for Lab 1

Due to the lateness in posting everyone's office hours for the semester, we are extending the due date for the visit to office hours portion of Lab 1. (Only this part, the other parts are still due as originally stated.)

For this week, office hours are as follows:
Thursday 11-12 Kari
Thursday 3-4 Mark
Friday 10-12 Adrienne
Friday 11-12 Mark
Friday 1-2 Leah & Adrienne

Next week hours:
Monday 1-2 Leah Wednesday 3-4 Kari

and a few more - hours will be posted on People page shortly.

The new deadline for visiting office hours will be the same as the due date for your Lab 2 submission.


Welcome to the CSE 115 website. You should check this page often for announcements.

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