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Last modified: Tuesday July 02 2013 12:26:14 PM

Gradebook almost fixed (Posted 5/6)

I think I have fixed all the grades except the project grades, which I hope to get fixed shortly - stay tuned for further updates.

Change in hours for Tuesday 5/6 (Posted 5/5)

I will not be in until 10:00am on Tuesday 5/6, but I will be in my office until 3pm.

Gradebook Wrong (Posted 5/5)

Something went horribly wrong with the upload of grades on Friday. I need to track down the error. I will post/send email when the grades are fixed.

Final Exam Grades on UBLearns

I have put the final exam grades on UBLearns and am slowly updating the other columns.

Office Hours for week of 4/28 & 5/5

I have graded HW 4 & 5 as well as answer sheets for HW 5 available before the exam. If you can not make it into campus and would like an answer sheet, please email me and I can send a PDF version. I will be in the office as follows this week:

Monday 4/28 - usual office hours 1:00 - 1:50
Tuesday 4/29 - not available in person
Wednesday 4/30 - noon - 1; 4-5
Thursday 5/1 - 9-10
Friday 5/2 - 9-12; 2-3:30
Monday 5/5 - 9-3
Tuesday 5/6 - 9-3
Wednesday 5/7 - not available in person
Thursday 5/8 - 9 - 3
Friday 5/9 - not available in person

Mentors Wanted

We are once again recruiting for the CSE Mentors program. Please see full info here.

Last CSE Lunchtime Chat

The last CSE Lunchtime Chat of the semester will be on Friday, April 25th at noon. Please see full info here.

Project 4 due date extended

Yep, you talked me into extending another project due date. Project 4 will be due by 11:59:59pm on Monday, April 28th.

ACM & CSEUGSA Announcements

There are some meetings coming up for the ACM and CSEUGSA - please see links for details.

Project 3 due date extended

Project 3 will now be due on Monday, April 7th - see description for any other specifics.

Disposal of Group Membership Forms

I am going to discard the papers you handed in with the names of the group members for the in-class exercise at the end of the semester. If you would like your paper back, please contact me before the end of the semester to make arrangements for pickup.

Homework 4 due date extended

As discussed in class today, I am extending the HW 4 due date. I was going to give a week extension, but that would conflict with the project due date, so I am extending the due date until 4/11. I have updated the assignment description and schedule to reflect this change.

Midterm Exam Extra Credit Opportunity

As discussed in class, there is an opportunity for you to earn up to 20 points extra credit on your midterm exam. All you need to do is come to class on Monday, March 24th and participate in the in-class activity. More details are posted here.

Project 2 due date extended

Project 2 will now be due Tuesday, March 11th at 11:59:59pm.

Now Hiring!!!!

We are now accepting applications for CSE 115 UTAs.

Office Hour Changes Next Week (2/25)

Adrienne's office hours for Tuesday (2/26) are canceled. Makeup office hours will be Tuesday 2/26 11:00 - 11:50 and 3:00 - 3:50

Additions to Resources Page

I have updated the Resources page to include the C++ links and install instructions from the first HW.

Talk about IT Jobs

What IT Employers are Looking for in Recent College Graduates

WHEN: Tuesday February 12
TIME: 5:30pm ? 7:00pm
WHERE: UB North Campus - O'Brian Hall 109


Please see here for more information. Registration is required in order to attend.

Textbooks and Newgroup

Greeks and Sneaks bookstore has asked me to tell students that they are stocking the texts for this course as well. Their price for the new bundled package (same package as available in bookstore) is $145.

The newgroup that I would like people to use for the class is sunyab.cse.250. Any announcements will be posted to this website, but feel free to use the newsgroup for conversation about the course material and assignments.


Welcome to the CSE 250 website. You should check this page often for announcements.

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