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Homework Problems
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CSE 250 - Spring 2009 - Homework Problems

Homework 3 (Due March 20th)

NOTE: You can work in groups of up to four people for this assignment. If you are working with others, please note their names at the top of your submission. You should hand in individual submissions for each member of the group.

This is a paper and pencil homework that is due to be submitted at the beginning of lecture on Friday, March 20th. The problems referred to in this assignment come from the supplemental handout available in lecture. You are to complete the following problems:

3.3 (7 points)
3.8 parts a, e and g (7 points each)
3.9 parts a, b and c (6 points each)
2.6 (12 points)
2.7 do part a for 2 and 5 (6 points each)
2.10 (18 points)
2.11 parts a and d (12 points)

Homework 4 (Due April 1st - This is an individual assignment - no group work allowed)

This is a paper and pencil homework that is due to be submitted at the beginning of lecture on Wednesday, April 1st.

In lecture, you received two sets of code printouts, one for the palindrome functions and the other for the countVowels function. Each handout has three sample solutions for the functions. Your job is to look at the solutions and critique them. Your critique of the solutions should not necessarily compare the three implementations, but you can do so to illustrate relative strengths and weaknesses of the implementations.

There are three functions that you will need to critique. For each function implementation you should do the following (for each of the nine implementations):

  • Discuss good points about the implementation
  • Give a criticism of the implementation with a suggestion for improvement

You will type up your good points and bad points in a cohesive way in a research paper/essay form. At the very end of the critique, you should discuss any important conclusions you have made after looking at the submissions and implementations for this assignment. You should also note if you learned anything about C++ or general programing techniques from the different implementations.

Please note that even though this assignment is a homework, I am placing special importance on this exercise as a way to help you improve your programming. Therefore, failure to turn in this assignment will wipe out all of your other homework grades, effectively costing you 6% of your overall course grade.


Homework 4 Addendum

This part of the homework is due to be turned in with the above described assignment, but will be awarded as points to your Data Structures project grade. For this part of the assignment, you are to write a grading guideline for the data structures assignment. Assume that you have 100 points to work with for the three assignments and describe how those points should be distributed to the various parts of the project. You can use the grading guidelines from the first three exercises as a place to start looking for ideas. You can assign point values in whatever way you think is appropriate for the different portions of the project. If you were a group of 2, do a 2-person group grading guideline. If you were a group of 3, do a 3-person group grading guideline. You will hand in a paper copy of this grading guideline.

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