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Web-CAT Grading Information
Last modified: January 17 2011 10:31:15 AM

When you log into Web-CAT (http://web-cat.cse.buffalo.edu:8443//Web-CAT/WebObjects/Web-CAT.woa), you can select from the Results menu to "View Most Recent Results" or select "Past Results" to view past results.

This will bring you to a page that has the following headings (some may be expanded already).

Results Screenshot 1

The first block of text (Result Summary) when expanded will look something like this and it tells you about your total score on the assignment:

Results Screenshot 2

If you are interested in further details about what you did not earn full credit on, open the block that says "Estimate of Problem Coverage". In that block of text, you will see some descriptions of the testing and a listing of sentences that actually are the outputs from the tests that were run on your code:

Results Screenshot 3

Each bulleted "hint" as they are called corresponds to one failed test. If you would like to read further about the tests, please look at the posted grading guidelines for the particular assignment. If you feel that there has been an error with your assignment, please make sure to contact the grading TA.

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