Lab 7 due date extended (Posted 7/5)

Lab 7 will now be due on Monday, July 9th at 11:59:59pm.

Lab 6 due date extended (Posted 6/21)

Lab 6 will now be due on Friday, June 29th at 11:59:59pm.

Lab 3 Solution Posted - I will no longer be accepting solutions for Lab 3

While on yeager, you can copy it from ~ama5/115SU/, and unzip it in your directory.

Lab 4 posted (posted 6/8)

Lab 4 is now available to be viewed on the Labs page. It will be due on June 14th at 11:59:59pm - Start early - ask questions early.

Lab 3 posted - code from class posted (posted 6/1)

I forgot to announce that Lab 3 is posted. It will be due on the date listed on the lab. I have covered a good deal of the material for the lab already and will be finished with the material by Monday's class. The code for the Painter and the Wall are now posted on the "Code from Lecture" link on the Resources Page, in a package called Painting.

Lab 2 due date extended (posted 5/30)

Lab 2 will now be due on Sunday, June 3rd by 11:59:59pm.

Open Lab Hours Schedule (posted 5/29)

The open lab hours for Baldy 21 have been posted - see the link on the Resources page.

Submit Inspector Operational (posted 5/29)

The submit inspector is now available for your use - you can verify what files you have submitted to be graded. See the Resources page for the link.

Class Resources (posted 5/29)

The instructions for running the Barnes classes are now available on the Resources page, as well as the source code that I have been looking at in class. Also available are the instructions for working from home.

Class Meets in Baldy 21 on Friday, May 25th

Just another reminder that class will meet at regular time in Baldy 21.


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