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Independent Study Students & Projects

Students and projects I have supervised for independent study.

Semester/Year Student Project Description
Spring 2008 Jianqiao Zhu Researched methods of studying traffic flow and how to better control traffic patterns and traffic light synchronization by processing GPS information and the use of graph theory.
Spring 2007 Mark Zorn Development of programs using 8-bit Nintendo language and analysis of limitations of platform.
Fall 2006 Jason Abofsky Game design and implementation. Using Visual Studio, C++, DirectX and some basic graphics and gaming algorithms, a prototype game was developed as a sequel to work previously done by the student. This adventure-style game takes its main character Dabu through various worlds where he is required to pick up items and face off against menacing villians.
Summer 2006 Ben Robboy

Investigations into unique projects for a Discrete Structures course. Survey of published Discrete Structures project and "nifty examples" published for use by instructors.

Development of ways to better show students how the mathematical concepts in Discrete Structures map onto practical applications in computing.

Spring 2006 Clark Dever Creation of Undergraduate Teaching Assistant Handbook for CSE 115 so that incoming UTAs for CSE 115 have a resource of information about TA and lab responsibilities, along with teaching and recitation lesson plan suggestions.
Spring 2006 Mike Kozelsky

Documentation of an entire semester of CSE 115, including topics covered and notes given in lecture.

Designed and implemented a new graphics package for use in CSE 115. Designed as a replacement for NGP, this package makes certain operations easier than NGP and allows more integration with Java Swing graphical elements.

Spring 2006 Jim Perrin

Investigations in web technologies to better support authentication for electronic gradebook application.

Redesign of CSE undergraduate student website

Fall 2004 & Spring 2005 Sara Haydanek

Supplemental package to NGP to support basic physics, such as collision detection, friction, and gravity. Designed to be used in CSE 115 on final projects to allow more sophisticated games to be built.

Sara completed the package, which has been used in CSE 115 and co-authored a paper with me and Christopher Egert that won the CCSC Eastern Conference's Best Paper Award in 2005.

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