Selected Publications of Bharat Jayaraman

Semantics of Temporal Constrained Objects
J.M. Kannimoola, B. Jayaraman, K. Achuthan
J. of Logical & Algebraic Methods in Programming
119:100632, 2021, Elsevier.

Finite State Model Extraction and Visualization from Java Program Execution
K.P. Jevitha, J. Swaminathan, B. Jayaraman, M. Sethumadhavan
Software Practice & Experience
51(2): 409-437, 2021, Wiley

Temporal Constrained Objects: Application and Implementation
J.M. Kannimoola, B. Jayaraman, P. Tambay, K. Achuthan
Computer Languages, Systems, and Structure, 49:82-100, 2017, Elsevier.

Compact Visualization of Java Program Execution
S. Jayaraman, B. Jayaraman, D. Lessa
Software Practice & Experience 47(2): 163-191, 2017, Wiley.

Runtime Visualization and Verification in JIVE
L. Ziarek, B. Jayaraman, D. Lessa, S. Jayaraman
Proc. Runtime Verification, Madrid, pp. 493-497, Springer LNCS 10012, September 2016.

JI.FI, Visual Test and Debug Queries for Hard Real-time
E. Blanton,   D. Lessa,  L. Ziarek , P. Arora , and B. Jayaraman 
Concurrency and Computation, Practice and Experience 26(14):2456-2487, 2014, Wiley.

Probabilistic Spatio-Temporal Retrieval in Smart Spaces
V. Menon, B. Jayaraman, V. Govindaraju
J. Ambient Intelligence and Humanized Computing, 5(3): 383-392, 2014, Springer.

Modeling Mobile Stateful Channels in PiZ
J. Poroor and B. Jayaraman
Science of Computer Programming 78(9): 1470-1489, 2013, Elsevier

Explaining the Dynamic Structure and Behavior of Java Programs using a Visual Debugger
D. Lessa and  B. Jayaraman 
Proc. 43rd ACM Technical Symp. on Computer Science Education (SIGCSE),  2012 

Special Issue on Security and Performance of Networks and Clouds, Guest Editor's Introduction
B. Jayaraman
Computer Journal 55(8): 907-908, 2012, Springer

C2L, A Formal Policy Language for Secure Cloud Configurations
J. Poroor and B. Jayaraman
Proc. Ambient Networks and Technologies (ANT) pp. 499-506, 2012

Verifying Security Properties of Internet Protocol Stacks: The Split Verification Approach
J. Poroor and B. Jayaraman
Journal of Systems Architecture, special issue on Embedded System Design
57(3):269-281, 2011, Elsevier

The Three Rs of Cyberphysical Spaces
V. Menon, B. Jayaraman, V. Govindaraju
IEEE Computer 44(9), pp. 73-79, 2011

Multimodal Identification and Tracking in Smart Environments
V. Menon, B. Jayaraman, V. Govindaraju
Journal of Personal and Ubiquitous Computing 14(8), pp. 685-694, 2010

DoS Attacks on Real-Time Media through Indirect Contention-in-Hosts
J. Poroor and B. Jayaraman
IEEE Internet Computing 13(6): 22-30, 2009

Logic Programming with Solution Preferences
H-F. Guo and B. Jayaraman
Journal of Logic and Algebraic Programming 78(1): 1-21, 2008

Declarative and Visual Debugging in Eclipse
J. K. Czyz and B. Jayaraman
Proc. Eclipse Technology Exchange (ETX), pp. 31-35, 2007.

Optimization with Mode Directed Preferences
H-F. Guo, B. Jayaraman, G. Gupta, M. Liu
Proc. ACM Conf. on Principles and Practice of Declarative Programming, Milan, pp. 242-251, July 2005.

Methodology and Architecture of JIVE
P. V. Gestwicki and B. Jayaraman
In Proc. 2005 ACM Symp. on Software Visualization (SOFTVIS), pp. 95–104, 2005 

Aggregation in Functional Query Languages
M. Osorio, J.C. Nieves, B. Jayaraman
Journal of Functional and Logic Programming, volume 2004, number 2, August 2004.

Towards an Integration of Agent and Activity-Centric Approaches in Organizational Process Modeling
R. Santanam, B. Jayaraman, and H.R. Rao
Information Systems Research, 15(4): 315-335, 2004.

A Comparison of Business-to-Business E-Service Solutions
D.J. Kim, M. Agrawal, B. Jayaraman, and H.R. Rao
Communications of the ACM, 46(12):317-324, 2003.

Preference Queries in Deductive Databases
K. Govindarajan, B. Jayaraman, and S. Mantha
New Generation Computing, 19(1):57-86, 2001.

Subset Logic Programs and their Implementation
B. Jayaraman and K. Moon
Journal of Logic Programming, 41(2):71-110, 2000.

Declarative Pruning in a Functional Query Language
M. Osorio, B. Jayaraman, and J.C. Nieves
Proc. Intl. Conf. on Logic Programming, pp. 588-604, 1999.

Theory of Partial Order Programming
M. Osorio, B. Jayaraman, and D.A. Plaisted
Science of Computer Programming, 34(3):207-238, 1999.

Set Constructors, Finite Sets, and Logical Semantics
D. Jana and B. Jayaraman
Journal of Logic Programming, 38(1):55-77, 1999.

Logic Grammars, Compositionality, and Overgeneration
J. Andrews, V. Dahl, and B. Jayaraman
Proc. Workshop on Natural Language Understanding and Logic Programming, December 1999.

Preference Logic Grammars
B. Jayaraman, K. Govindarajan, and S. Mantha
Computer Languages, 24:179-196, 1998.

From Context-Free to Definite-Clause Grammars: A Type-Theoretic Approach
J. Haas and B. Jayaraman
Journal of Logic Programming, 30(1):1-23, 1997.

Optimization and Relaxation in Constraint Logic Languages
K. Govindarajan, B. Jayaraman, and S. Mantha
Proc. 23rd Annual ACM Symp. on Principles of Programming Languages,
pp. 91-103, St. Petersburg, FL, January 1996.

Scoping Constructs in Logic Programming: Implementation Problems and their Solution
G. Nadathur, B. Jayaraman, and K. Kwon
J. of Logic Programming}, 15(2):119-161, 1995.

Analysis of Or-parallel Execution Models
G. Gupta and B. Jayaraman
ACM Trans. on Programming Languages and Systems, 15(4): 659-680, 1993.

And-Or Parallelism on Shared-Memory Multiprocessors
G. Gupta and B. Jayaraman
Journal of Logic Programming, 17(1): 59--89, 1993.

A Domain-Theoretic Approach to Functional and Logic Programming
F.S.K. Silbermann and B. Jayaraman
Journal of Functional Programming, 2(3): 273-321, 1992.

EqL: the language and its implementation
B. Jayaraman and G. Gupta
IEEE Trans. on Software Engineering, SE-15: 771-779, 1989.

Semantics and Implementation of Resource Expressions
B. Jayaraman and R.M. Keller
J. of Parallel and Distributed Computing , 7: 40-63, 1989.

Semantics of EqL
B. Jayaraman
IEE Trans. on Software Engineering, SE-14: 472--480, 1988.

Subset-logic programming: Application and Implementation,
B. Jayaraman and A. Nair
Proc. Fifth Intl. Logic Programming Conf., Seattle, August 1988, pp. 843-858, The MIT Press.

Functional Programming with Sets,
B. Jayaraman and D.A. Plaisted,
Proc. Third Intl. Conf. on Functional Programming Languages and Computer Architecture ,
Portland, OR, September 1987, pp.~194-210, Springer-Verlag.

Primitives for Resource Management in a Demand-driven Reduction Model
B. Jayaraman and R.M. Keller
Intl. Journal on Parallel Programming,15: 215--244, 1987.

Equations, Sets, and Reduction Semantics for Functional and Logic Programming
B. Jayaraman and F.S.K.~Silbermann
Proc. 1986 ACM Conf. on LISP and Functional Programming , Cambridge, MA, August 1986, pp.~320-331, ACM Press.

Theory of Linear Equations as applied to Program Transformations
U. Reddy and B. Jayaraman
Proc. Eighth Intl. Joint Conf. on Artificial Intelligence, Karlsruhe,
July 1983, pp. 10-17, IEEE Computer Society Press.