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  • UB Applied Math Seminars and Colloquia
  • UB Department of Biostatistics
  • New York State Center of Excellence in Bioinformatics and Life Sciences
    Watch and listen to a video highlighting the Center, its efforts, and its impact.
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  • Here's my curriculum vitae.
  • newCassandre Creswell's book is now available to order from Routledge! Discourse Function and Syntactic Form in Natural Language Generation.
  • My Erdös number is 3.
  • Gallery of pictures.
  • Trivia: Matthew means 'gift of God'. OK, we all knew that, but... even more uncanny is that Matt Beal in Hebrew sounds just like Baptist, from the verb 'baptise', [TBL.]. For example, John the Baptist is called 'Yokhanan Ha-maTBiL'.