CSE 4/574core courseIntroduction to Machine LearningFallFallFall
CSE 714seminarAdvanced Topics in Machine LearningSpringSpring


[24th Dec 2005] Awarded the CSE Graduate Student Association's Distinguished Teacher Award for my CSE 574 course, Introduction to Machine Learning, for Fall'05. Thanks again GSA!

[6th Feb 2005] The CSE Graduate Student Association awarded me the Distinguished Teacher Award for my CSE 574 course, Introduction to Machine Learning, in Fall'04. Thanks GSA!

See the plaque here:

Comments for Dr. Beal: (Fall'05, unedited)

"His passion for the subject shows in the class. I have not seen any other professor spending the whole office hour clearing doubts with the fervor that Dr. Beal displayed."

"The most satisfying course I've taken at UB so far."

"Way too ahead! Excellent command on the subject, perfect blend of hand-notes, presentation in class, hw and projects! Do we need more?"

Comments for Dr. Beal: (Fall'04, unedited)

"Dr. Beal offers many fresh ideas to the department; he is extremely willing to assist students to the point where he appears to enjoy the very activity. His lectures are stimulating to the point that he convinces the student that the material is not only interesting, but worth learning."

"Dr. Beal was always extremely enthusiastic about his subject, and showed a tremendous amount of dedication towards his students. He was very patient, and always willing to help his students throughout the course. This course was by far the most enjoyable course for me last semester. "

"Amazing course with great assignments."

"He was quite outstanding in preparation to the class and very dedicated to teaching. He covered a lot of topics and the assignments/projects aided my understanding of the subject"

"his enthusiasm for the subject is infectious! Dr.Beal makes machine learning an thoroughly enjoyable experience!"

"very well prepared, good availability"