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ACDC, Western New York, and New York State Grid

With nearly $4M in funds from NSF (ITR, MRI, CRI), and support from the Center for Computational Research and Open Science Grid, the Cyberinfrastructure Laboratory

  • created a Buffalo-based grid (ACDC-Grid) to gain experience with grid computing, including porting critical codes to the grid, developing a web portal in order to provide easy access to a grid, developing a lightweight grid monitoring system, and developing a generalized technique for porting applications to the grid,
  • implemented a grid in Western New York (WNY-Grid) that brought in a research institute, a private 4-year college, and a public 4-year college to focus on outreach and training, and
  • expanded and enhanced the WNY-Grid into a grid throughout New York State (NYS Grid), with a goal of bringing an integrated data and computing grid to the desktop of users throughout the state.
The goal of NYS Grid is to bring a mixture of organizations, both public and private, onto a shared grid within New York State. The nodes on the grid will include compute systems, storage devices, visualization systems, sensors, imaging systems, and a wide variety of Internet-ready devices. To date, the Cyberinfrastructure Laboratory has reached more than a dozen organizations throughout the state. Further, with the decision by to use the CI Lab's NYS Grid as their underlying infrastructure, a number of additional sites have been brought on line.

Note: This material is based upon work supported by the National Science Foundation under Grant Nos. 0204918, 0454114, and 0101244.

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