Lecture: TTh, 12:30p-1:50p, 104 Knox Lecture Hall

Recitation: It appears that there will not be recitations this semester.

Material Covered: Therefore, since the contact hours will be reduced from 210 minutes/week to 160 minutes/week, we will likely cover approximately 75% of the material typically covered in this class.

Office Hours: Dr. Miller's Office Hrs.: TBA. Until office hours are finalized, please send me e-mail and we can find time to discuss issues by phone and/or Internet, as appropriate. Updates to Dr. Miller's office hours will be posted to this site.

T.A.: Robert Surowka




  1. Calculus I, Calculus II, and a course in Advanced Data Structures.
  2. Students should know, and are responsible for, the material in chapters 1-13 of Introduction to Algorithms, by Cormen, Leiserson, and Rivest. In addition, students are also responsible for material on balanced trees (e.g., AVL, Red/Black, B-trees).

Reading Material:

Grading Policy:

  1. The midterm exam will count for 40% of your grade.
  2. The comprehensive final exam will count for 60% of your grade.
  3. Dr. Miller will personally do all of the grading.
  4. NB: Resources are not currently available to efficiently/effectively grade homeworks, programming projects, or other materials, including additional exams/quizzes. My apologies.


Disclaimer: I reserve the right to change any part of this tentative syllabus at any time.

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