Shake-and-Bake:A Method for both Small and Large Molecules


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Table of Contents

  1. Title Slide
  2. Outline of Talk
  3. The Basic Relationship: X-Ray Data & Molecular Structure
  4. Useful Relationships for Multiple Trial Phasing
  5. Conventional Direct Methods
  6. Shake-and-Bake
  7. Structure of SnB
  8. Phasing and Structure Size
  9. Some Successful Protein Applications of Shake-and-Bake
  10. Tox II: Trace of SnB Solution
  11. ToxII: SnB Histogram
  12. ToxII: SnB Peaks to Protein Atoms Distances
  13. ToxII: Quality of Solution
  14. Triclinic Lysozyme
  15. Successful Substructure Applications
  16. Se-Met Example
  17. Factors Determining Success Rate
  18. Guidelines for Data Collection
  19. Using Anomalous DE
  20. Recommended SnB Parameters
  21. Web Page
  22. Blank Slide
Author: Russ Miller


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