Kenneth W. Regan's Christian Resources

semper aedificatur

The Bible:

Prayer: The Complete Idiot's Guide to Prayer, 2nd ed. Don't laugh.

Bible and Christian Living and Historical Study Guides: Bible Sprout

Sermon: "The Theology of the Cross" by Rev. Mark F. Bartels of Holy Cross Lutheran Church, Madison, Wisconsin. Larger-print version.

Mere Christianity by C.S. Lewis, both audio and nicely-readable text version on the Truth According to Scripture site.

A Christian Thinktank, linked by my friend and peer and fellow TCS blogger William Gasarch.

James Hannam's Bede's Library has apologetics, plus indexes and reviews of other sites on the Bible and Christianity, and much else about science and philosophy.

Hebrew For Christians by John J. Parsons.

Some essays for Holy Week:

I have been pushed into somewhat more of a public role. One aspect is that the items written by me respect a principle for devotional works stated by Martin Luther: they must include a large part "for your neighbor alone." One implication of this guides me not to write something here "in theory" before applying it and seeing how it works out. Curiously that's the opposite of my professional vocation.

Poem and composition: "Application of the Lord's Prayer for 9/11" (plain text file with notes).

Presentation, "Is There Room for God in the Cosmos?" Three-part series at St. Paul's Evangelical Lutheran Church, Eggertsville NY. The voiceover and notes that go with the slides---initial part so far. Forum response giving the outline of my approach to knowledge (local copy if forum link breaks).

Other things can't go here until they're 'proved'---at least that is similar to my professional life---or at least 'probed'.

A little bit of how I got led into this: note, Jan. 2007 photo, and explication (with some good passages using oBB and Luther's quotation).