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Essay: "Romance" posted by the British Embassy in the US for Bill and Kate's Royal Wedding, 27 Apr. 2011 thru late November 2011.

Poem: "Orange Ribbon Dedication", and photo essay of Buffalo's 2006 October Storm.

Essay: "Snowballs in Berchtesgaden", 1 Jan. 2012.

Singable translation of the new (2000) "Anthem of Russia", plus notes including why.

Cricket "Versus" Baseball: Cricket for Americans, Baseball for the Commonwealth, humourous comparison of the games (HTML, text).

Debbie's 2011 VOYA 'Top Shelf' article!---joint with Susan Allen, Kimberley Conrad, Patricia Smith, and Mary Sykes. Debbie wrote the intro.

Also the 2012 article!

Debbie's article with UB's Dr. Fenice Boyd in the Jan. 2006 issue of The English Journal, on teaching the book Warriors Don't Cry.

See also essays on my Christian Resources page.