CSE305, Spring 2007

Language Resources


"Stack Language" notes, given out in hardcopy on 9/26.


Ada will not be used on any major assignments.

The Ada Lovelace Tutorial (but note that the on-line compiler no longer works).

GNAT User Guide and Reference Manual (each is one long page; see also Ada Core Technologies, developer of commercial versions of GNAT).

Section of GNAT User Guide on Integer Overflow Switch

The Ada Home site (looks like nobody home since late 1998?).

C++, Java, and C#

C# Language Specification, click link to PDF file.

KWR's Condensed EBNF Grammar of Java 2.0, given out in lecture in hardcopy on 1/30.

Articles on OO Design, including one on Liskov's Substitution Principle which is already relevqant to posts I've made (with the Square versus Rectangle example, and more!) and will be revisited in April.


Carl Alphonce's CSE305 Resources Page has notes on ML and much else!---highly recommended, as they match my perspective more closely than Harper's notes.

Hani Girgis' Language Resources Page, with sample programs in ML and other languages, and notes.

Robert Harper's notes on Programming in Standard ML.

ML BNF and Reference Sheet, given out in lecture on 1/30.


GIF of ML-Lisp basic function syntax comparison

Will be filled in later, or see Carl Alphonce's resources page. (Actually, was not covered in Spring 2007.)


Carl Alphonce's page has the same resources I used in Fall 2005.


BNF Grammar of Ruby, enough to get an idea of what the language has.