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Organization and Course Policies

Homework will consist solely of weekly problem sets. There are no programming projects or labs, and online-submission will not be used. Use of the Turing Kit software for certain assignments with ``design a machine'' problems) is optional, and even here we will require that a printout rather than a file be submitted.

All submissions must have your name and recitation on them. The recitation should be the one--(R1) or (R2) or (R3)--that you regularly attend. Hardcopy submissions with more than one sheet must be stapled together.

My (KWR) general policy is that late work is not acceptable. In return, you get an answer key shortly afterward, and a relatively quick turnaround of graded work before the next problem set is due. In an exceptional situation, you may contact me beforehand about a possible extension.

The course will be graded on a total-points system. Letter grades will also be given for individual exams and some assignments, as a help in telling you where you stand, but only the point totals will have official significance. The weighting of grades in this course shall be:

         Homework: 30%

Prelims: 30%

Final: 40%

Instructors reserve the right to 5% leeway in weighting while assigning the final letter grade--this is most typically done for students who do markedly well on the final exam, when it may be treated as if it were worth 45% for that student. This will only be done to an individual student's advantage, and will have no effect on others' grades.