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Fall 2017 
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Fall 2017  
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12/18/17 Weeks after the exam Final Grades posted. Check UBlearns. Also, Students Database for some details about the grading.
All the solutions have been posted on UBlearns. If you like to collect your midterms, projects and any other stuff not collected before, you may do so this week from my office. Uncollected material will be discarded by the end of the year.
12/04/17 Week #15 Quiz 6 (to be given on Thursday) will be based on the material from intrusion detection and password management and any other generic security topics.
This week, we will have midterm 3 on Tuesday and a brief lecture on Thursday to complete the material on intrusion detection and give the final quiz.
A sample midterm is posted on UBlearns.
The topics to be covered for the 3rd midterm are from midterm 2 onwards till program security (inclusive). Specific details of the questions and key reading are as follows:
Key Reading:
Q1. Mutual Authentication, Remote Authentication, Kerberos and Certificates (Ch. 15 - 15.1, 15.2, 15.3, 15.5; Ch. 14 - 14.4)
Q2. Email Security (Ch. 19 - 19.1, 19.2, 19.3, 19.4, 19.5, 19.9)
Q3. IPSec (Ch. 20 - 20.1, 20.2, 20.3, 20.4, 20.5)
Q4. OS Security, Program Security (typically, material from the slides and the topics of discussion in class is sufficient. Remember to read birthday paradox, Anti-replay service in Ch. 20 that we did in class).
Be thorough with the concepts, work out all homeworks, quizzes and go through the slides and class material.
Solution sketches for all homeworks and quizzes are posted on UBlearns. Good luck!
11/27/17 Week #14 This week, we will finish Program Security and start Intrusion Detection. We will cover any remaining material on 12/07/2017.
The hand written material on Lattices is posted on Handouts page. Look under Useful Documents.
Quiz 5 will be on Tuesday. The syllabus is OS Security. (A sample quiz is posted on UBlearns.)
Homework 6 and Project 3 have also been posted. Both are due 11/30/17 in view of the 3rd midterm on 12/05/2017 (next Tuesday).
Quiz 6 will be given on 12/07/2017. One of the quizzes (lowest score) will be dropped. Everything else will count for the final grade.
11/20/17 Week #13 This is a short week due to Thanksgiving. We will try to finish OS Security. The material was posted last week. We will have Quiz 5 next week. Syllabus will be posted later.
I have posted some material in the Useful Handout section of the Handouts page that will be useful to understand IPSec better.
Homework 6 (final homework) will be posted before Thanksgiving holidays. It will be due on November 30, 2017.
11/13/17 Week #12 Note that Project 3 will be posted by end of week.
Note that Homework 5 has already been posted as well. You have much shorter due dates for both assignments.
Midterm 2 solution with grading guidelines has been uploaded to UBlearns. Take a look at it before approaching the TAs because this document will clarify any of your issues related to grading.
This week we will look at IP Security. You will have a quiz as well (Thursday).
Quiz 4 will be based on the material on Email Security and Birthday Paradox (to be discussed Tuesday).
Note: The quiz will be given at the beginning of the class.
11/06/17 Week #11 A sample Midterm 2 has been made available on UBlearns.
The solution sketch for Homework 4 will be posted Monday afternoon on UBlearns. Check it out. Use this as practice problems for this and next midterm.
The topics to be covered for the 2nd midterm are from midterm 1 onwards until key management and key distribution (inclusive). Topics on authentication, Kerberos and email security will be included in the 3rd midterm.
Key Reading for Midterm 2:
Q1. PKI concepts, RSA (Ch. 9)
Q2. D-H key exchange, Key management/distribution (Ch. 10, Ch. 14), questions on Elliptic Curve Cryptography, if any, only at conceptual level.
Q3. Hash, MAC, Digital signature (Ch. 11, Ch. 12, Ch. 13)
Uncollected Midterm 1, Homeworks and uncollected Quizzes will be discarded soon. If you want to save them, do see the TAs.
10/30/17 Week #10 Kerberos is a bit involved and difficult to understand. I have provided some supplementary material on Kerberos under 'Useful Handouts.' This was covered in class on 10/26/17. The handout will help you go through the material from the book and understand the protocol easily.
Solutions to Quiz 3, HW #3, Midterm 1, etc. are available on UBlearns.
Pay attention to Project 2. Do not wait until the last minute. It requires some good research (part 2).
There will not be any quiz this week. I like to make some good progress on the lectures and clarify any questions you may have on the recent topics.
This week, we will first complete the remaining pieces of Kerberos, the X.509 Certificate and start E-mail Security. Material has been posted.
10/23/17 Week #9 Collect your midterm paper and other assignments from the TAs during their office hours. Uncollected works will be discarded afterwards.
Also, collect your AES triple (for Project 2) from me as soon as possible. If you have already requested for one and did not get it, please send the email again.

There is no new material posted for this week. We will try to complete Kerberos and digital certificates this week.
We will have Quiz 3 Tuesday. The syllabus for this quiz is Key Management and distribution (Ch. 14). A sample quiz is available on UBlearns.

10/16/17 Week #8 This week, we will do key management and start network security. Class material has been posted.
It is time to have the 3rd quiz. You may expect it sometime soon.
A handwritten sketch of the DSA algorithm to be presented on Tuesday is made available in the Handouts page.
10/9/17 Week #7 Start working on Project 2. This is similar to the project given in previous year(s) but is repeated this year also due to its value for the class. Work it completely and do not reproduce from previous years' reports.
Only group project reports will be accepted on the due date. No individual works will be accepted for the projects.
This week, we will try to finish Digital Signatures. The relevant material has been posted on the class website.
Homework 3 will be posted. This will be due in about two weeks.
10/02/17 Week #6 Quiz 2 will be this Tuesday (a sample quiz paper from previous year(s) has been uploaded to UBlearns). It will be based on number theory only (basic and advanced, to the extent it was covered in class).
The solution sketch for Quiz 1 has been already posted on UBlearns. Also, the solution sketch for HW #1. If you have any issues with your grades, resolve them with the TAs who graded them (QZ1 by Zihao and HW1 by Rudra) before taking the papers with you. Once the papers (be it quiz, midterm or homework) are collected, the scores will be final. Also, once the grades are posted on UBlearns, you lose the ability to dispute your scores.
Solutions for HW #2 will be uploaded to UBlearns after the papers are collected in class (Tuesday).
This week, we will complete D-H Key Exchange and have the 1st midterm this Thursday.
Key reading for midterm 1: Midterm 1 is set for 50 minutes. It will also carry 50 points. This kind of point allocation will help you manage your time well (each minute is equal to one point). The topics included are Conventional crypto systems (substitution, transposition), DES, AES and number theory, both preliminary and advanced (4 main questions). PKI will not be included for the first midterm.
The paper is set in such a way that if you come with no preparation, you should still be able to answer about 50% simply based on what you picked up during the lectures. Some questions will require critical thinking and analytical skills which means that you need to prepare well, go through class slides, notes, homeworks and past quizzes. You are encouraged to read from the book, but you can skip the material not covered in class. For example, you can skip Playfair cipher, Hill cipher, rotor machines, DES cryptanalysis details, etc.
09/25/17 Week #5 No quiz this week, but you could expect one next Tuesday which can be viewed as a preparation for the first midterm.
Remember, the first midterm will be next Thursday (Oct. 5th) in class.
Homework 2 is posted.
You may want to attend the one-day Technology and Homeland Security Forum on October 11, 2017. This is all about computer security. You need to register (free). The event is at Niagara Falls Conference Center. Good presentations and free lunch and beverage breaks. Try to carpool and get there for the sessions starting at 8:00 am if you don't have any class.
09/18/17 Week #4 Material for this week has been posted.
Homework solutions are accepted in hard copy form only. You can either handwrite it or type it. Hand in at the beginning of class (Thursday). A solution sketch will be posted on UBlearns.
I have uploaded some of the tables that will be useful for Homework 1. This way, you don't need to search for them in the Appendix of the book. DES IP and inverse IP tables. DES S-Boxes. DES Key Schedule tables.
09/11/17 Week #3 This week, we will try to complete DES and AES. I will briefly talk about DES security and then move on to AES. For your benefit, I have posted one example on DES where DES has been fully worked out. Go to Useful Handouts and trace through the example.
New instructional material on AES has been posted. Go to Lectures to make a copy.
There will be a 15-minute quiz this week, most likely Thursday. Quizzes are closed book. Calculators are allowed but you should not use your smartphone for calculation. If anyone is found violating this rule, you will be asked to leave the class and the quiz invalidated.
The syllabus for the quiz is conventional encryption and DES. No questions will be asked on AES for this quiz.
Homework 1 has been posted. It is due in class on Sept. 21st. Optional problems will not be graded. Use them as practice problems for quizzes and midterms.
09/04/17 Week #2 Homework 1 will be posted. Project 1 will be discussed and assigned next week. Homeworks must be done individually. All projects should be done in groups of four or five. Talk to each other and form your groups.
Introductory material on Number Theory has been posted. Check the Handouts page.
08/29/17 Week #1 This is introductory week. In the first lecture, we will go through the course content and basic motivational issues. The second lecture will be on basic encryption and decryption. Check Lectures to see the slides for this week. There are no office hours this week.