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Selected News from National Media

Nov 17, 2009
Business Report: Top 40 Under 40
"Explaining what Professor Tevfik Kosar does at LSU’s Department of Computer Science is, well, almost impossible if you’re not fully versed in the subject. Let’s just say that Kosar spends his days thinking about computer data—where to store it, how to access it, how to split it up and bring it back together again—and he’s good at it."

Sep 30, 2009
ISGTW: Q & A - Smart data handling: An interview with Tevfik Kosar
"In e-science, we are constantly striving to improve performance and speed so that we can complete a larger number of more complex computations faster. Tevfik Kosar, a researcher at Louisiana State University, is working on two intertwined projects ..."

Sep 03, 2009
HPCwire: LSU Professor Receives NSF Award to Develop Stork Data Scheduler
LSU Professor Tevfik Kosar received a half-million dollar grant from the National Science Foundation to support his work on Stork Data Scheduler, an innovative computing tool that helps researchers access and transfer large data sets easily and efficiently."

Apr 29, 2009
1012 Corridor: The Young Scientists
"Quest: Create a means for researchers to crunch massive amounts of data via linked networks around the world. Kosar’s interest in computers started when ..."

Apr 22, 2009
ISGTW: Feature - Flood of data can help prevent hurricane damage
"When the National Hurricane Center issues a hurricane advisory, emergency teams have little time to predict the locations and effects of storm surges and waves in order to identify areas that should evacuate. A prototype system, known as ..."

Feb 03, 2009
HPCwire: NSF Supports New Distributed Computing Paradigm
"The National Science Foundation (NSF) recently awarded Louisiana State University professor Tevfik Kosar with the prestigious CAREER Award for the development of a new computing paradigm called "Data-aware Distributed Computing" over the next five years."

Dec 03, 2008
"Louisiana State University Stork team announced today that first full release of Stork Data Scheduler (Stork 1.0) is now available on the Stork Project Web page."

Aug 28, 2006
"The National Science Foundation (NSF) recently funded Louisiana State University (LSU) $1 million for the development of PetaShare, which is seen as "a system might become an important testbed for future grids, and a leading site in next-generation petascale research."