Sub-Technical Committee on fiber & wirelesS Integration

The Sub-TC on Fiber-Wireless Integration addresses architectures, techniques, and interfaces for the integration of fiber and  wireless network segments in a unified wired-wireless infrastructure. Such integration could be at access, metro and long-haul scales and includes end-to-end connectivity.  Its objective is to enhance interoperability and resource sharing among wired and wireless segments so that mixed wired and wireless networks can provide better support for converged multimedia services irrespective of users' locations, terminal device capabilities, and access media.  It does not address architectures or techniques specific to individual optical or wireless networks.

The Sub-TC FiWi organizes, sponsors, and promotes conferences, workshops, tutorials, publications, standardization activities and other forms of information exchange in the multi-disciplinary field of mixed wired and wireless networking, and collaborates for mutual benefit with technical committees focused on the individual wired or wireless networks that are components of an integrated wired-wireless infrastructure.