SNePSUL English Question Answering Demonstration
Using SNaLPS to implement a Cognitive Agent

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Date and time run:February 15, 2008, 4:10 PM EST
Version:SNePS 2.7
Description:Sun Sunfire X4200 with 8.0 GB of main memory and 4 Dual Core AMD Opteron (tm) Processor 285s, clocked at 2592 MHz.
Operating System:RedHat Enterprise Linux 4 (64-bit)
Language:International Allegro CL Enterprise Edition 8.1 [Linux (x86)] (Oct 16, 2007 16:39)
 Copyright (C) 1985-2007, Franz Inc., Oakland, CA, USA. All Rights Reserved.
 Optimization settings: safety 1, speed 3, space 0, and debug 0.

   Welcome to SNePS-2.7 [PL:0 2007/10/13 21:05:28]

Copyright (C) 1984--2007 by Research Foundation of
State University of New York. SNePS comes with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY!
Type `(copyright)' for detailed copyright information.
Type `(demo)' for a list of example applications.

   2/15/2008 16:09:03

* (demo)
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   2:  UVBR - Demonstrating the Unique Variable Binding Rule
   3:  The Jobs Puzzle - A solution with the Numerical Quantifier
   4:  Meeting - A numerical quantifier example about people in meetings
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  11:  Pegasus - Why winged horses lead to contradictions
  12:  Contextual Vocabulary Acquisition: forming a definition for 'brachet'
  13:  Enter a demo filename
Your choice (q to quit): 9

File /projects/snwiz/Install/Sneps-2.7.0/demo/nlint/qa-demo.sneps is now the source of input.

  The demo will pause between commands, at that time press
  RETURN to continue, or ? to see a list of available commands

 CPU time : 0.01 

* ;;; Demonstration of Using SNaLPS to implement a Cognitive Agent
;;; as documented in Section 7.5.2 of the SNePS 2.1 User's Manual
;;; by Stuart C. Shapiro
;;;    June 2, 1994
(resetnet t)
--- pause ---c

Net reset

 CPU time : 0.00 

* ^^

--> (atnin "sneps:demo;nlint;qa-grammar.atn")
act is already defined.
State s processed.
State s1 processed.
State ps processed.
State vp processed.
State vp/v processed.
State s/final processed.
State s/end processed.
State np processed.
State np/art processed.
State nomprop processed.
State np/end processed.
State respond processed.
State g processed.
State g/subj processed.
State g/v processed.
State g/end processed.
State gnp processed.
State gnp/end processed.

Missing (or NIL) form in state gnp/end on arc:
(pop nil t)

Missing (or NIL) form in state g/end on arc:
(pop nil t)

 Atnin read in states: (gnp/end gnp g/end g/v g/subj g respond np/end nomprop
                        np/art np s/end s/final vp/v vp ps s1 s nil nil nil
                        nil nil) 

--> (lexin "sneps:demo;nlint;qa-lexicon.lisp")
undefined- (nil nil nil nil nil nil)
("a" "the" "Computer Science" "John" "Mary" "computer" "Computer" "dog" "man"
 "men" "woman" "women" "saw" "believe" "bit" "bite" "like" "see" "sleep"
 "slept" "study" "use" "who" "what")
--> (setf *infertrace* nil)
--> (parse)

 ATN parser initialization... 

 Trace level = 0.

 Beginning at state 's'.

 Input sentences in normal English orthographic convention. 
 Sentences may go beyond a line by having a space followed by a 
 To exit the parser, write ^end.

 : A dog bit John.
 I understand that a dog bit John
 Time (sec.): 0.02

 : The dog slept.
 I understand that a dog slept
 Time (sec.): 0.0

 : Mary believes that John likes the dog.
 I understand that Mary believed that John liked a dog
 Time (sec.): 0.01

 : Mary studies Computer Science.
 I understand that Mary studied Computer Science
 Time (sec.): 0.0

 : Mary used a computer.
 I understand that Mary used a computer
 Time (sec.): 0.0

 : John saw a saw.
 I understand that John saw a saw
 Time (sec.): 0.01

 : What bit John?
 a dog bit John
 Time (sec.): 0.0

 : Who sleeps?
 a dog slept
 Time (sec.): 0.0

 : Who studied?
 Mary studied
 Time (sec.): 0.0

 : Who uses the computer?
 Mary used a computer
 Time (sec.): 0.01

 : Who likes a dog?
 I don't know.
 Time (sec.): 0.0

 : Who sees a saw?
 John saw a saw
 Time (sec.): 0.0

 : ^end.

 ATN Parser exits... 

--> ^^

 CPU time : 0.06 


End of /projects/snwiz/Install/Sneps-2.7.0/demo/nlint/qa-demo.sneps demonstration.

 CPU time : 0.06 

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