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SNeRG Meeting/Presentation Schedule
Fall, 2002

The SNePS Research Group meets in 224 Bell Hall, on Thursdays, from 9:00 am to 11:00 am. Each meeting includes a general discussion of current issues. Some meetings feature a member of the group presenting his or her current work. The scheduled speakers are shown below. Meetings marked "open" do not yet have a scheduled speaker. SNeRG members may volunteer for these dates by sending email to Stuart Shapiro

August29 Scheduling meeting
September5 Jean-Pierre A. Koenig Collective, Distributive, and Cumulative Readings of Quantified NPs
September12 Stuart C. Shapiro Symbol Anchoring
September19 David Pierce Learning to Identify Subjectivity in News Text
September26 William J. Rapaport Syntactic Semantics, Misunderstanding, and Negotiation
October3 Frances L. Johnson Belief Revision in a Deductively Open Belief Space
October10 John F. Santore Preliminary results of human performance at identifying perceptually indistinguishable objects
October17 Scott T. Napieralski Topics in Contextual Vocabulary Acquisition
October24 Jean-Pierre A. Koenig  
October31 Stuart C. Shapiro Status of SNePS 3
November7 David Pierce  
November14 Frances L. Johnson Belief Revision in a Deductively Open Belief Space
November21 John F. Santore Identifying Perceptually Indistinguishable Objects
December5 William J. Rapaport Contextual Vocabulary Acquisition

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