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SNeRG Meeting/Presentation Schedule
Fall, 2004

The SNePS Research Group meets in 242 Bell Hall, on Mondays, from 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm. Each meeting includes a general discussion of current issues. Some meetings feature a member of the group presenting his or her current work. The scheduled speakers are shown below. Meetings marked "open" do not yet have a scheduled speaker. SNeRG members may volunteer for these dates by sending email to Stuart Shapiro or William Rapaport.

August30 Scheduling meeting
September6 No meeting Labor Day
September13 Dima Dligach SNePS and WordNet
September20 William J. Rapaport The Turing Test
September27 Stuart C. Shapiro An Overview of Symbolic KRR (practice talk for Fusion Workshop)
October4 Frances L. Johnson Dependency-Directed Reconsideration
October11 David Pierce SNePS/LKB noun phrase resolution
October18 All Recognising Textual Entailment Challenge
October25 Josephine Anstey and Trupti Devdas Nayak User Test of The Trial The Trail
at 266 Center for the Arts
November1 Albert Goldfain Using SNePS for Mathematical Cognition
November8 Stuart C. Shapiro The Delivery Agent as an example of GLAIR and SNeRE
November15 Debra Burhans TBD
November22 William J. Rapaport "In Defense of CVA"
November29 Jean-Pierre A. Koenig Semantic verb classes: why you need them and where they come from?
December6 Cassie Creswell The importance of discourse context for statistical natural language generation

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