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The Department of Computer Science & Engineering

SNeRG Meeting/Presentation Schedule
Spring, 2005

The SNePS Research Group meets in 242 Bell Hall, on Mondays, from 3:00 pm to 5:00 pm. Each meeting includes a general discussion of current issues. Some meetings feature a member of the group presenting his or her current work. The scheduled speakers are shown below. Meetings marked "open" do not yet have a scheduled speaker. SNeRG members may volunteer for these dates by sending email to Stuart Shapiro or William Rapaport.

January24 open  
January31 Frances L. Johnson Dependency-Directed Reconsideration - the algorithms at last!
February7 Mike Kandefer The "Bad Guys" scene of The Trial The Trail
at 266 Center For the Arts
February14 Jean-Pierre A. Koenig Verb classes: what they are and what they are good for
February21 Nathan Vaillette
Computational Linguistics candidate
Second-Order Logic, Finite-State Transducers, and Computational Linguistics
3:30-5:00 in 684 Baldy
February28 Stuart C. Shapiro TBA
March7 Albert Goldfain Counting and arithmetic in SNePS
March14 No meeting Spring Break
March21 David Pierce LKB and SNePS
March28 Chris Becker CVA of verbs
April4 Frances L. Johnson Recovery for Belief Bases
April11 Josephine Anstey Agents in Love
April18 open  
April25 Stuart C. Shapiro and Mike Kandefer Cassie Meets the Wumpus
May2 David Pierce #!@?$! LKB

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