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6.2. Digression: XGINSENG.

Note to users at UB: As of 26 September 2003, due to a bug in Garnet (the graphics program in which it's implemented), XGinseng doesn't work directly on the Sparc 4's in the grad lab. If you cannot access Garnet, just ignore this section of the tutorial.
Now might be a good time to try the Xginseng graphical interface to SNePS (UM Ch. 6). You must be on an X-windows terminal, preferably using a fast machine. See the manual for details on how to use Xginseng. You may need to do the following: Suppose you are sitting at machine A, but you are executing SNePS on machine B.
  1. On machine A, type xhost B at the system prompt.
  2. On machine B, type setenv DISPLAY A:0 (that's "A-colon-zero") at the system prompt.
Then evaluate: (xginseng) in SNePS.
end digression.

William J. Rapaport 2003-09-22