Andrew Hughes,
Teaching Assistant Professor
Department of Computer Science and Engineering
University at Buffalo, The State University of New York
Office: 348 Davis Hall
Office hours (fall 2018):
  • Tuesday:12:00p-1:00p.
  • Wednesday:1:00p-2:00p.
  • Thursday:12:00p-1:00p.
  • By appointment. Please send email if it is urgent. Be sure to include the course in the subject line.
Phone: 716-645-1591


PhD from University at Buffalo (2016); BS from University at Buffalo (2009)


I am interested in theoretical computer science.


Current Semester (Spring 2019)
Past Semesters
  • CSE111: Intro to Quantitative Analysis and Reasoning with Computing, Spring 2018.
  • CSE430: Topics in Theoretical Computer Science, Spring 2018.
  • CSE191: Discrete Structures, Fall 2017.
  • CSE199: UB Seminar, Fall 2017.
  • CSE250: Data Structures, Fall 2017.
  • CSE396: Introduction to the Theory of Computation, Summer 2017.
  • CSE111: Great Ideas in Computer Science, Spring 2017.
  • CSE250: Data Structures, Spring 2017.
  • CSE191: Discrete Structures, Fall 2016.
  • CSE199: UB Seminar, Fall 2016.
  • CSE396: Introduction to the Theory of Computation, Summer 2016.