Review CS1 and Jump- Start Java


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Table of Contents

Review CS1 and Jump- Start Java

CS1 (as in CSE115)

Topics for Discussion

Object-Oriented Principles

Conventional Compiled Languages

Java Virtual Machine

“Run-anywhere” Capability

Java Application Program Interface (Java API)

Java API : A Simplistic View

Java API Classes

Types of Programs

Problem Solving Using Java

What is an Object?

Classes are Blueprints


Instantiation : Examples

Operator new and “dot”

Elements of a Class

Class Structure

Defining Classes

Naming Convention

A complete example

Identify Objects

The Random class


Debugging and Testing

Class Components

Method Invocation/Call

Defining Methods

Method Definition : Syntax

Return Type

Return Statement

Parameter List

Parameter list : Syntax

Method Definition : review

Method Definition : Example

...Example (contd.)

What happens when a method is called?

Method Invocation : semantics


Constructors (contd.)

Visibility Modifiers

..Modifiers (contd.)




Applet Class

Applet Runtime Structure

Example 1: Using only paint()

Example 1: interpretation

html file

Example 1: execution semantics

More on Applets

On-line Information

Author: B.Ramamurthy


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