Realtime and Embedded Systems

CSE321 Realtime and Embedded Systems

Introduction: What will I learn the course?

Welcome to Fall 2019 and Realtime and Embedded Systems course. This course deals with resltime and emebdded systems that are pervasive in our environment today. We will cover foundational concepts of (i) realtime systems (ii) embedded systems and (iii) realtime and embedded systems. We will also learn programming and control of variety of systems including (i) an Unix-like emebdded kernel (ii) internet endpoint devices (iii) mobile devices, and (iv) (new) virtual reality devices.

Tentative Curriculum

A broad overview of the topics to be covered is given below.

  • Characteristics of realtime and embedded systems
  • Embedded RTOS system design principles
  • Embedded OS and process model; Cyclic executives
  • Thread model; Mutual exclusion and synchronization
  • Deadline-driven and priority-driven approaches
  • Schedulability and scheduling algorithms
  • C-language for system development
  • Build utilities: unix make, Makefile
  • Design, implemnetation and deployment of apps to control devices
  • Principles of Internet of things (IoT) (Eg., Amazon button)
  • Programming of an IoT device to control systems
  • Understanding principles of unmanned aircraft system (UAS)/drones
  • UAS: FAA regulations; Safefty, security, Privacy and ethical and legal issues
  • UAS: Piloting and programming
  • AWS: Cloud-based computing

All the concepts discussed during lecture will be reinforced with practical examples.