The national fusion collaboratory was created to advance scientific understanding and innovation in magnetic fusion research
by enabling more efficient use of exising experimental facilities through more effective integration of experiment, theory and modelling.

Experiment  ---- Theory ---- Modeling

Experiment: 10 second duration, every 10 - 20 minutes
magnetic pulse ataributes changed based on previous observations (hundreds of mbytes of data)
Multiple pulses per experiment
Many pulse per day about 15 min intervals
About 10000 measurements of data representing over 250 MB of data

In team with this experimental community is a theoretical and simulation cmmunity that focuses
on creating 3-D plasma models. The results from the theoretical simulation are combined with
experimental observaion to set up the attributes of the next pulse.

MDSPlus for rapid data aquisition and analysis: MS SQL based realtional schema
MDSPlus also provides suppoprt for defining events
Geographically distributed users

GSI, MDS: Meta Data service, Globus resource allocation and management (GRAM)
GRAM : advanced reservation, pre-emption, and QoS
Local authorization (certificate authority)

Prototype : System model
Globus-enabled MDSPlus framework:
-- A controller orchestrating the interactions (GUI Interface)
-- An MDSplus data server
-- EFIT (equilibrium fitting code) program for magnetic equilibrium reconstruction
-- Scientific visulization of data

Grid-enablign it: demoed at SC2001 (this work is still going on)

Building the fusion grid
Deployment phase
use policies and issues of trust
moving to real time
collaborative and visualization technologies