M-PREF 2008

4th Multidisciplinary Workshop on Advances in Preference Handling

Chicago, Illinois, July 13-14, 2008 in conjunction with AAAI 2008



Preference handling has become a flourishing topic. There are many interesting results, good examples for cross-fertilization between disciplines, and many new questions.

Preferences are a central concept of decision making. As preferences are fundamental for the analysis of human choice behavior, they are becoming of increasing importance for computational fields such as artificial intelligence, databases, and human-computer interaction. Preference models are needed in decision-support systems such as web-based recommender systems, in automated problem solvers such as configurators, and in autonomous systems such as Mars rovers. Nearly all areas of artificial intelligence deal with choice situations and can thus benefit from computational methods for handling preferences. Moreover, social choice methods are also of key importance in computational domains such as multi-agent systems.

This broadened scope of preferences leads to new types of preference models, new problems for applying preference structures, and new kinds of benefits. Preferences are studied in many areas of artificial intelligence such as knowledge representation, multi-agent systems, game theory, social choice, constraint satisfaction, decision making, decision-theoretic planning, and beyond. Preferences are inherently a multi-disciplinary topic, of interest to economists, computer scientists, operations researchers, mathematicians and more.

This workshop promotes this broadened scope of preference handling and continues a series of events on preference handling at AAAI-02, Dagstuhl in 2004, IJCAI-05, ECAI-06, and VLDB-07. The workshop provides a forum for presenting advances in preference handling and for exchanging experiences between researchers facing similar questions, but coming from different fields. The workshop builds on the large number of AI researchers working on preference-related issues, but also seeks to attract researchers from databases, multi-criteria decision making, economics, etc. These different research areas are represented in the organization committee.



The workshop on Advances in Preferences Handling addresses all computational aspects of preference handling. This includes methods for the elicitation, modeling, representation, aggregation, and management of preferences and for reasoning about preferences. The workshop studies the usage of preferences in computational tasks from decision making, database querying, web search, personalized human-computer interaction, personalized recommender systems, e-commerce, multi-agent systems, game theory, social choice, combinatorial optimization, planning and robotics, automated problem solving, perception and natural language understanding and other computational tasks involving choices. The workshop seeks to improve the overall understanding of the benefits of preferences for those tasks. Another important goal is to provide cross-fertilization between different fields.



We will have a mixture of presentations with ample time for questions and open panel discussions about future challenges. An option is to have an invited talk about potential applications of preference handling.



Researchers interested in preference handling from AI, OR, CS or other computational fields may submit a paper or a send a statement of interest in participation.


Submission Requirements

We solicit electronic submissions of papers (5-6 pages in PDF, formatted in AAAI style) by e-mail to ujunker@ilog.nospam.fr.

(Please remove the string .nospam when sending your submission.)

Submissions need not be anonymous.


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