PhD Students

David Toman, "Foundations of Temporal Query Languages," 1996. Now: Associate Professor, Dept. of Computer Science, University of Waterloo, Canada.

Slawomir Staworko, "Declarative Inconsistency Handling in Relational and Semi-structured Databases,"2007 (dissertation). Now: Assistant Professor, Universite Lille 3, France.

Denis Mindolin, "Preference Construction for Database Querying," 2009 (dissertation). Now: Financial Software Developer, Bloomberg LP.

Xi Zhang, "Probabilities and Sets in Preference Querying," 2010 (dissertation). Now: Software Engineer, Google.

Niccolo Meneghetti, "Exploiting Qualitative User Feedback in Deterministic and Probabilistic Databases," 2016 (dissertation). Now: Software Engineer, Vertica.

Ladan Golshanara, "Temporal Data Exchange and Repair," 2018 (dissertation).