CSE 720 Notions of Context and Their Applications

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Dr. Jan Chomicki, Associate Professor

Time and location

W 9-11, 224 Bell


09/14/05Sensor networks and databases Murat Demirbas S. Madden et al.: The Design of an Acquisitional Query Processor for Sensor Networks, SIGMOD'03. Journal version (ACM TODS).

M. Demirbas, H. Ferhatosmanoglu: Peer-to-Peer Spatial Queries in Sensor Networks, P2P Computing'03.

09/21/05Contexts and their Uses in the SNePS Knowledge Representation and Reasoning System Stu ShapiroTo be distributed.
09/28/05NO SEMINARNoneNone
10/05/05High Fan-in SystemsDenis MindolinM. Franklin et al.: Design Considerations for High Fan-In Systems: The Hi-Fi Approach, CIDR'05.
10/12/05Logics of ContextSlawek StaworkoL. Serafini, P. Bouquet: Comparing Formal Theories of Context in AI, AI Journal, 2004 (available also through UB subscription to ScienceDirect).
10/19/05Privacy-Preserving Location-Based Services Sheng ZhongS. Zhong et al.: Privacy-Preserving Location-Based Services for Mobile Users in Wireless Networks, Yale CS TR 1297.
10/26/05Moving Objects and Moving Queries Huang-Chun YuM. Mokbel, X. Xiong, W. Aref: SINA: Scalable Incremental Processing of Continuous Queries in Spatio-temporal Databases, SIGMOD'04.
11/02/05Efficient Query Evaluation on Probabilistic DatabasesXi Zhang N. Dalvi, D. Suciu: Efficient Query Evaluation on Probabilistic Databases, VLDB'04
11/09/05Data Management for Location-Based ServicesAmit Sharma C. Hage et al.: Integrated Data Management for Mobile Services in the Real World, VLDB'03.

A. Civilis et al.: Techniques for Efficient Road-Network-Based Tracking of Moving Objects, IEEE TKDE, May 2005.

11/16/05Representing context in pervasive applicationsPejus Das J. Krumm, S. Shafer: Data Store Issues for Location-Based Services., Data Eng. Bull., 2005.
11/30/05Build Your Own Sensor Networks: from Networking to Data ManagementYong Yao (Cornell) The Cougar Project: A Work-In-Progress Report. SIGMOD Record, Volume 34, Number 4, December 2003.


The seminar will study the notions of CONTEXT as they appear in different areas of computer science: databases, artificial intelligence, and distributed systems.

The students will be required to give a class presentation and prepare a report. Those will be based on an original research or survey paper, an implementation project, or an article review. Class attendance and participation are mandatory. Prerequisite: CSE 562 or equivalent, and some background in logic. It is possible to register for 1-3 credits and/or obtain a letter grade. The course project can be used to satisfy the M.S. project requirement.

The seminar is not suitable for incoming graduate students, unless they already have a strong background in databases, AI or distributed systems, and some grasp of logic.

Seminar topics (tentative)

  1. Context-aware applications:
  2. Context-related issues in databases:
  3. Reasoning about context:

Under construction:

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