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CSE 489/589
Modern Networking Concepts
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# History of Internet\n# Application layer, Web and Http, Ftp
# SMTP, DNS\n# Peer-to-peer applications, Socket programming
This course will enable students to gain fundamental knowledge of computer networks (and Internet in particular), appreciate various tradeoffs and choices in networking, learn to design and analyze protocols, and get ready for studying advanced topics in the field of networks.\n\n!!Grading:\n*midterm (25%), final (25%)\n*assignments (20% for 489, 10% for 589)\n*peer-to-peer project (30%)\n*ns2 lab (10% only for 589)\n\nSeparate curves will be used for CSE 489 and CSE 589. [[Zero tolerance|]] on academic dishonesty will be enforced for both. Meet your TAs.\n\n!!Prerequisites:\nStudents should be well-versed in Java programming.\n\n!!My office hours: Wed 1-3pm\nDo contact your TAs for help with assignments, projects, and class content. Also make the best of the newsgroup sunyab.cse.489
# Welcome, Syllabus, Internet, Network edge, Network core\n# Delay-loss-throughput, Protocol layers\n\nChp1Slides\nRead about [[Internet history|]]\n[[Turing award lecture by Cerf and Kahn|]]
Subject to change until the entire material is covered. So remember to check back again in the middle of second week.\n[[ppt|CSE589/Chp1.ppt]]\n[[pdf|CSE589/Chp1.pdf]]
[[ppt for Chapter 2 slides|CSE589/Chp2.ppt]]\n[[ppt for Chapter 2 question slides|CSE589/Chp2Sup.ppt]]
[[PDF file|CSE589/hw1.pdf]]
Tentative schedule (click links for details and assignments) \n(check with this schedule weekly)\n# WeekAug27: Chapter 1 Internet\n# WeekSep3: Chapter 1, 2 Application layer\n# WeekSep10: Chapter 2 Application layer\n# WeekSep17: Chapter 3 Transport layer\n# WeekSep24: Chapter 3 Transport layer\n# WeekOct1: Chapter 3, 4 Network layer\n# WeekOct8: Chapter 4 Network layer\n# WeekOct15: Chapter 4 Network layer\n# WeekOct22: Review, ''Midterm'' on Oct 25\n# WeekOct29: Chapter 5 Link layer and LAN\n# WeekNov5: Chapter 5 Link layer and LAN\n# WeekNov12: Chapter 6 Wireless networks\n# WeekNov19: Chapter 6 Wireless networks\n# WeekNov26: Chapter 7 Multimedia networking\n# WeekDec3: Chapter 8 Security
[[ppt for Chapter 3 slides|CSE589/Chp3.ppt]]\n[[ppt for Chapter 3 question slides|CSE589/Chp3Sup.ppt]]
* Praveer Mansukhani (Thu 11am-1pm at 329 Bell)\n* Sunu Mathew (Mon 2-4 pm, 329 Bell Hall)\n* Ashok Narasimhan \n* Seokhoon Yoon (Mon 10:00am-12pm at Trailer B 16)\n\n
[[PDF file|CSE589/hw2.pdf]]
[[NS2 specification|CSE589/NS2.doc]]\n\nOnly grad students do the NS2 lab (worth 10% of the overall grade). This project is to be done individually, no group work is allowed. SK Yoon will announce further information in the recitations.
[[Phase 2 specification|CSE589/Phase2.doc]]\nThe project is due December 1st. You need to also demo your project to Sunu Matthew the week of December 1st. More info will be announced in the recitations. \n\n!!\n\n[[Phase 1 specification|CSE589/Phase1.pdf]]\nThis is phase 1 of the peer-to-peer project. The P2P project constitutes 30% of the grade both for CSE 489 and CSE 589. Thus, phase 1 is worth 10% of your grade from the course. See the specification for more information.
[[ppt for Chapter 4 slides|CSE589/Chp4.ppt]]
[[Chp8Slides|CSE589/Chp8.ppt]]\n[[Chp7Slides|CSE589/Chp7.ppt]]\n[[Chp6Slides|CSE589/Chp6.ppt]]\n[[Chp5Slides|CSE589/Chp5.ppt]]\nChp4Slides\nChp3Slides\nChp2Slides\nChp1Slides\n\nJames F. F. Kurose and Keith W. Ross, "[[Computer Networking: A Top-Down Approach Featuring the Internet|]]", 3rd or 4th edition, Addison Wesley, 2003.\n[img[]]
!! Check the newsgroup for project grades. Final grades will be announced before Dec 28.\n!! Final is at TUE 12/11/2007, 08:00 AM - 11:00 AM, DFN 148. [[Final solutions|CSE589/finalSoln.pdf]]\n!! [[Study questions-2|CSE589/study2.pdf]]\n!! NS2 project (for grad students) is due November 25th.\n!! P2P Phase2 project is due December 1st.\n!! Midterm is at the Oct 25 class. [[Midterm solutions|CSE589/midtermSoln.pdf]]\n!! [[Study questions|CSE589/study.pdf]]\n!! AsgN2 is due Oct 16 class. [[Solution|CSE589/hw2_solution.pdf]]\n!!P2P project phase 1 is due Oct 14 midnight.\n!! AsgN1 is due Sept 11 class. [[Solution|CSE589/hw1_solution.pdf]]\n* Recitations will start in the second week of classes.\n* Check out the [[Course Schedule]] for outline of the course\n* Since the course is full capacity, I cannot do force-registration now. For nonmajor students in their last semester at UB, I am maintaining a list and honor it based on availability of open seats in the class after the first couple of weeks.\n* Note that CSE 489/589 will be offered again in Spring. CSE 489/589 is not a prerequisite for CSE 646 Wireless Sensor Networks, which I will offer in Spring. \n* Syllabus will be made available during the first week of classes.