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CSE 703
meeting time: Wed 1pm-3pm, Bell 224
PapersToDiscuss in the remaining of the semester\n
[[Syllabus]] PapersToDiscuss [[Reviews]] [[Announcements]]\n[[Links]]
!! 2 paragraphs for executive summary\n* what is the paper trying to do?\n* what is potential contribution of paper?\n* summary of strengths and weaknesses\n\n!! several paragraphs of details (listed in order of importance)\n* technical flaws?\n* structure of paper?\n* are key ideas brought out?\n* motivation and justification of approach -- why are these ideas important?\n* presentation? (ex: undefined terms, unclear sections…)\n* comparison with relevant work? \n\n!! questions and issues raised in the class \n* Include answers to the most interesting questions raised in the class\n* What other issues are raised?\n* How could you improve the paper?\n* Potential follow-up work, future work?\n\n(The format is borrowed from Ousterhout's advice for paper reviewing.) \n\n!!! Finish your review within 3 days of the class, and email me a pdf of your review. Include your name as the note-taker for the paper.
*(week4)Deriving Specifications for Systems That Are Connected to the Physical World(p:Harsh), (n:Xu)\nI do declare: Consensus in a Logic Language (p:Hanifi), (n:Shobna) \n*(week3) FAWN: A Fast Array of Wimpy Nodes(p:Hanifi),(n:Mohit)\nTolerating Latency in Replicated State Machines Through Client Speculation (p:Xu), (n:Saranya)\n*(week2) Dedalus: Datalog in Time and Space\nAbove the Clouds: A Berkeley View of Cloud Computing\n*(week 1) we will discuss the syllabus and also [[you and your research|]]. \nCome prepared as we will follow the seminar format to discuss this piece as a warm-up.\n* We meet on Friday 2:30-4:30pm at Bell 224.
This semester we will discuss the following 28 papers in 14 weeks. Each student will serve as a presenter for 2 papers, as a note-taker for 2 other papers, and as a participant for the remaining papers. I will evaluate the student for each role throughout the semester, and assign the S/U grade based on these performances.\n\nEach week we will review 2 research papers, sparing 1 hour for each paper. We will make heavy use of our course blog, Here are the rules:\n\n* By the morning (6am) of the seminar, each participant should have contributed 1 or at most 2 questions about the paper to our course blog A participant should state a question that is not stated by another participant. The question should have some substance and depth, otherwise the participant will not be able to get any credit from the question.\n\n* The presenter will use 40 minutes to discuss the heart (the most important and useful part) of the paper. The presenter is allowed to use up to 10 slides. Slides should be in pdf format, and use large fonts. Avoid cramming text in the slides.\n\n* In the last 20 minutes, the presenter will be answering the questions collected at the blog. The presenter should have a very good understanding of the paper, and should have read the relevant work mentioned in the paper (if needed) to be able to defend the paper. Although we will all chime in for discussion on some questions, the presenter should be competent enough to answer most of the questions.\n\n* Throughout this hour, the note-taker will write down the questions suggested, the presenter's main points about the paper, and the points that come up in our discussion. After the class, the note-taker is responsible for writing a review of the paper based on these notes. The review should follow these FormattingGuidelines.\n
!Follow us at our course blog\n\n(week4) Recovery Oriented Computing (ROC): Motivation, Definition, Techniques, and Case Studies (p:Zuhal), (n:Soudipta)\nSurviving Sensor Network Software Faults (p: Saranya), (n:Pradeep)\n\nOldAnnouncements
!! Distributed systems (4):\n# [[Dedalus: Datalog in Time and Space|]] (presenter: Serafettin), ([[notes by Pratik|CSE703/pratik.pdf]])\n# [[Above the Clouds: A Berkeley View of Cloud Computing|]] (presenter:Pratik), ([[notes by Bahadir|CSE703/bahadir.pdf]])\n# [[FAWN: A Fast Array of Wimpy Nodes| ]] (p:Hanifi),(n:Mohit)\n# [[Tolerating Latency in Replicated State Machines Through Client Speculation|]] (p:Xu), (n:Saranya)\n\n!! Fault tolerance (12):\n# [[Deriving Specifications for Systems That Are Connected to the Physical World|]] (p:Harsh), (n:Xu)\n# [[ I do declare: Consensus in a Logic Language |]] (p:Hanifi), (n:Shobna)\n# [[Recovery Oriented Computing (ROC): Motivation, Definition, Techniques, and Case Studies |]] (p:Zuhal), (n:Soudipta)\n# [[Surviving Sensor Network Software Faults|]] (p: Saranya), (n:???)\n# [[Consensus on Transaction Commit (gray lamport)|]] (p:Eva), (n:Piyush)\n# [[The Chubby Lock Service for Loosely-Coupled Distributed Systems |]] (p:Prakash), (n:Arvind)\n# [[Position Paper: BFT: The Time is Now|]] (p:Pradeep), (n:Eva)\n# [[Making Byzantine Fault Tolerant Systems Tolerate Byzantine Faults|]] (p:Saranya), (n:Zuhal)\n# [[Practical Byzantine fault-tolerance and proactive recovery|]] (p:Piyush), (n:Prakash)\n# [[Zyzzyva: Speculative Byzantine Fault Tolerance|]] (p:Bahadir), (n:Serafettin)\n# [[Automatically Patching Errors in Deployed Software|]] (p:Karthik), (n:Yavuz)\n# [[Remus: High Availability via Asynchronous Virtual Machine Replication|]]\n(p:Banga), (n:Karthik)\n\n!! Sensor networks (9):\n# [[The Design and Implementation of A Declarative Sensor Network System|]] (p:Arvind)\n# [[Collection tree protocol|]] (p:Karthik)\n# [[RACNet: A High-Fidelity Data Center Sensing Network|]] (p:Xu)\n# [[Macrodebugging: Global Views of Distributed Program Execution|]] (p:Yavuz)\n# [[FIND: Faulty Node Detection for Wireless Sensor Networks|]] (p:Soudipta)\n# [[The Case For A Network Protocol Isolation Layer |]] (p:shobna)\n# [[Towards a Zero-Configuration Wireless Sensor Network Architecture for Smart Buildings|]] (p:Zuhal)\n# [[Beyond Pilots: Keeping Rural Wireless Networks Alive|]] (p: Bahadir)\n# [[System support for pervasive applications |]] (p: Pradeep)\n\n!! Networking (3)\n# [[Consensus Routing: The Internet as a Distributed System|]] (p:Prakash)\n# [[10 network papers that changed the world|]] (p:Serafettin)\n# [[Grassroots: Socially Driven Web Sites for the Masses|]] (p:Yavuz)\n