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* Registration is open for CSE 719. If you have any questions about the syllabus please contact the instructor at Bell 244\n* Our lab, UBiComp, is located at Furnas 210. \n* Please visit [[CSE 646 webpage|]] for learning about the student projects at our Fall'05 course on wireless sensor networks
Ubiquitous Computing Lab at University at Buffalo\n210 Furnas Hall,\nBuffalo, NY
From "Introduction to Distributed Systems" by [[Prof. Paul Sivilotti|]]\n# Predicate calculus\n# Computational model\n# Reasoning about programs: safety & progress\n# Example programs
Based on Murat's notes.
* [[Survey on Self-stabilization|]]\n* [[Stabilization (invited chapter)|]]\n* [[ The Many Faces of Consensus in Distributed Systems|]]
[[Topics]]\n[[Course Material]]\n[[Projects]]\n[[Links]]
The seminar will focus on adopting self-stabilization theory for distributed control in cyber-physical systems, with particular emphases on the control of power-grid and distributed collaborative control of mobile sensor/actuator (robot) networks. We will also be reading other papers on WSNs and dependability as part of the seminar. The grading will be S or U. But, interested students are welcome to engage in one of the many projects we will offer, and go for a letter grading.\n\nTopics covered include:\n# Concurrency problems in distributed systems\n# Logics for distributed programs: safety and progress properties, UNITY style temporal logic, proofs of program properties\n# Self-stabilization: mechanisms for self-stabilization, proof techniques for self-stabilization\n# Control theory tutorial\n# Cooperative control \n# Power grid monitoring and control\n
NotesOnDistributedProgramming\nNotesOnSelfStabilization\nNotesOnCrochet\nPapersToDiscuss in the remaining of the semester\n
* Distributed algorithms for cooperative control, E. Klavins, R.M. Murray, IEEE Pervasive Computing, 2004 (Ameya)\n\n* Workshop on Cooperative Control (Matt)\n* Multi-robot exploration under the constraints of wireless networking (Abhijeet)\n\n*Power Grid intro1 (Kavita)\n*Power Grid intro2 (Srivats)\n\n* Power Grid adv1 (Nikhil)\n* Power Grid adv2 (Tejas)\n\n* BASE: Using abstraction to improve fault-tolerance (Prasan)\n* Rx: Treating Bugs as Allergies- A safe method to survive software failures (Karthik)\n\n* Localized construction of low weighted structure [?] (Gagan)\n* Geographic Routing without planarization (Hussain)\n\n* Sync (Muzammil)\n* Bonus paper ()