Pursuer-Evader tracking demo

We have implemented a pursuer-evader tracking program on the Berkeley's Mica mote platform for a demonstration at the June 2002 DARPA--Network Embedded Systems Technology (NEST) retreat held in Bar Harbor, Maine. ppt

In our demonstration, a Lego Mindstorms robot serving as a pursuer used our program to catch another Lego Mindstorms robot serving as an evader, in a 4 by 4 grid of nodes subject to a variety of faults. Here is a snapshot from the demo. The sensor motes are embedded in a foam panel under the board and comunicate with the pursuer robot via IR.

Videos of the tracking demo.

Technical description of the tracking algorithm:
M. Demirbas, A. Arora, and M. Gouda. A Pursuer-Evader Game for Sensor Networks.
Sixth Symposium on Self-Stabilizing Systems, San Francisco, June 2003.

Code for the sensor motes:
Tiny OS program
NestC program
NestC header

Code for the Lego robots (written by Sandip Bapat in NQC):
Pursuer robot program
Evader robot program


We simulated our pursuer-evader tracking algorithms using Prowler, a MATLAB based, event-driven simulator for wireless sensor network. Prowler simulates the radio transmission/propagation/reception delays of Mica2 motes, including collisions in ad-hoc radio networks, and the operation of the MAC-layer.

Code for the simulations:
Evader-centric program
Pursuer-centric program
Hybrid program
Topology file
Animation file

Snapshots from the simulations:
Evader-centric program: 1  2  3
Pursuer-centric program: 1  2  3
Hybrid program (R=1): 1  2  3
Hybrid program (R=2): 1  2  3