Academic Integrity Quiz


Academic integrity (AI) is very important in higher education. This quiz will familiarize you with the academic integrity policies in CSE at UB.

Source Materials

You should be familiar with the following source materials before taking this quiz (links will open in a new tab/window):


Please answer the following questions based on the source material above.

True and False

  1. It is acceptable to turn in a project I created for another course, or in a previous taking of this course, as course work for this course.     

  2. I must always clearly attribute material I have taken from another source, even if it is an allowed source for this course.     

  3. Purchasing any assignment solution, or partial solution, is an academic integrity violation.     

  4. I may share my code or solutions with my instructor or TAs without concern for academic integrity violations.     

  5. If an academic sanction is recommended by the instructor, the Academic Integrity Office may recommend a greater or lesser sanction for reasons including the severity of the violation, repeat offenses, or other circumstances.     

  6. I can appeal a decision of the Director of the Office of Academic Integrity.     

  7. I am not responsible if I am careless in securing my data and someone copies my work.     

Multiple Choice (select all that apply)

  1. I may discuss the following with other students:

  2. If I am accused of an academic integrity violation, I will

  3. If my instructor finds that I have committed an academic integrity violation, I may

  4. Asking my instructor or TA beforehand whether a situation could constitute an AI violation

  5. If review of an academic integrity violation is underway at the end of the semester, my grade will be


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Ethan Blanton
Assistant Professor of Teaching

Ethan Blanton is an Assistant Professor of Teaching in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering at the University of Buffalo.