• Hi!

    I'm Fan Yang

  • My Focus is

    Machine Learning



I am persuing my Ph.D degree in University at Buffalo. In my Ph.D program, my research focuses are machine learning, reinforcement learning, deep learning, Bayesian inference, and probabilistic graphical model.

I got my Master degree at Cornell University. In my Master program, my focus is improving the efficiency of machine learning algorithms and multi-thread computing from hardware perspective.

I got my Bachelor degree at Wuhan University. In my Bachelor program, my study areas include physics, materials, circuits, signal processing, and programming


Selected Projects

Reinforcement Learning and Optimal Control in Complex Social Systems 08/2017-current

Developed discrete event decision process and multi-agent discrete event decision process to model the complex social system decision making problems.

Developed deep reinforcement learning, model-based reinforcement learning, and learning as inference algorithms to optimize the actions/decisions/strategies in complex social systems.

Tracking, Prediction, and Visualization in Complex Social Systems 05/2016-08/2017

Combined simulation modeling and Hidden Markov models in modeling the complex social system dynamics.

Developed deep learning, variational inference, sampling-based, and Gaussian process-based algorithms for dynamics tracking and forecasting.

Visualized the dynamics flow through dumping the dynamics into the database with PostgreSQL, and invoking the visualization with OpenStreetMap using JavaScript.

Real Time Face Detection 11/2014-12/2014

Developed a real-time face detection algorithm, and applied high-level synthesis to generate the low-level code to run in Xilinx Zynq-7000 FPGA board.