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Dec 15, 2002
  • There is a mistake in the HITTING-SET problem (practice problem). The question should have been whether or not there is a hitting set of size at most 'h' for some given integer 'h'.
Dec 13, 2002
  • Practice problems for the final exam are posted. Please remember that the final exam is on Thursday Dec 19, 11:45am-02:45pm, DFN 146.
Dec 11, 2002
Dec 05, 2002
  • Assignment 5's deadline has been extended to Monday Dec 09, which is also the last day of class. We'll do a review on Monday also.
Nov 22, 2002
Nov 11, 2002
Nov 07, 2002
Oct 27, 2002
Oct 23, 2002
  • There is a small correction to Assignment 4. Please reprint it. I apologize for any inconvenience.
Oct 21, 2002
  • Assignment 4 is out, and due on Monday Nov 04.
  • We shall have another midterm (50 minutes) on (tentatively) Mon Nov 11.
Oct 16, 2002
  • We will have midterm's scores ready by Friday.
  • Solution to the midterm exam is posted.
Oct 14, 2002
  • HW2 grading stats:
    • CSE531: Mean 48, Stdev 11
    • CSE431: Mean 29, Stdev 6
  • HW2 shall be returned during Yang Chen's office hours or recitations. After a week, you can pick them up from my office (during my office hours).
  • Solution to HW3 is posted.
  • Homework 4 shall be out on Friday, Oct 18.
Oct 07, 2002
  • The midterm exam shall be on Wednesday, Oct 16, in class, closed book and note. Blank sheets of papers shall also be provided. The exam is 1 hour and 15 minutes, starting from 8:30. The coverage includes everything we've discussed in class up to Huffman Coding, and in the homeworks.
  • Please make sure you understand the homework solutions (1,2,3).
  • We shall have a midterm exam review session on Monday Oct 14.
Oct 05, 2002
Oct 03, 2002
  • There will be no time extension for homework 3, please finish and submit it on time. Late assignments are not going to be accepted either.
  • There is a small mistake in the statement of Problem 3 in homework assignment 3. The corrected version has replaced the old one. Please see assignment section.
Oct 01, 2002
  • HW1 grading stats:
    • CSE531: Mean 44.30469, Stdev 12.30201
    • CSE431: Mean 28, Stddev 3.8471
  • Homework assignment 3 is available
  • Solution to hw won't be posted 'til 3 days after the due date (in case someone is late in submission)
Sep 26, 2002
  • HW2 deadline has been extended to Wednesday Oct 2. HW3 will be out on that day too.
Sep 23, 2002
Sep 17, 2002
  • Please write down clearly your name, person ID, and recitation section number (B1, B2, or B3) on the homework paper before submission.
  • Homework assignment 2 is available.
  • There is also a small change in the tentative schedule: the reading assignment for this week also includes CLRS 33.1, 33.3
Sep 11, 2002
  • Please take a look at the class news group. I've posted a few remarks on questions related to homework 1.
Sep 3, 2002
Aug 28, 2002
  • There are a few links to websites on Calculus, to remind you of basic knowledge needed for understanding asymptotic analysis.
  • As the rescheduling for B3 is not possible, we will keep everything the same way as they were supposed to be.
  • If there are not enough seats in the class, those of you whose force registration forms I signed during the first week of class should volunteer to sit on the floor. I expect this situation to go on for a few weeks, after people have done dropping everything should be OK. Thanks a lot for your cooperation, and sorry for the inconvenience.
  • The final exam schedule is settled. It'll be on Thursday Dec 19, 11:45am-02:45pm, DFN 146. Please be very certain that your winter-break schedule does not interfere with the final exam. I will not give early exam unless absolutely unavoidable, in which case you must have a proof of the situation.
Aug 27, 2002
  • Those of you who are supposed to be in B3, and cannot attend either B1 or B2, please send me an email with your available time slots on Fridays. I will try my best to reschedule B3.
Aug 26, 2002
  • Let the fun begin ...
  • Students who are in recitation section B3 (Fridays, 10:00-10:50, 422 FRNCZK) should pick either B1 (Mondays, 12:00-12:50, 250 PARK) or B2 (Thursdays, 15:30-16:20, 209 NORTON) to attend instead. This is due to time conflicts in the TAs' schedules.
    Thus, we won't have any recitation on Fridays.
    The lectures' place and time remain the same though: MWF 9:00-9:50, Knox 14
  • There will be no recitation in the first week of class.

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