CSE 713 - Random Graphs: Theory and Applications
Fall 2003

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Week Speaker Topic
Aug 25 Hung Q. Ngo

Introduction to the probabilistic methods.

Sep 01 Hung Q. Ngo Linerity of Expectation, Alterations
  • Lecture 4: Some useful inequalities and Asymptotic Estimates (Last updated on Monday Sep 25, 2003). This is not really a lecture. It is more like a note which shall be used in several lectures that follow. The inequalities & estimates are essential tools in the applications of the probabilistic methods. I will update this note as we go along.
  • Lecture 5: Linearity of expectation (Scribed by Dazhen Pan, Last updated on Monday Sep 8, 2003).
Sep 08 Hung Q. Ngo Alterations. (I shall skip the second moment method for now.)
  • Lecture 6: Alterations (Scribed by Anusha R. Iyer, Last updated on Monday Sep 15, 2003).
Sep 15 Hung Q. Ngo The local lemma
  • Lecture 7: Local Lemma (Scribed by Guang Xu, Last updated on Monday Sep 29, 2003).
Sep 22 Hung Q. Ngo

Martingale and tight concentrations. (I have to skip Correlation Inequalities, since it would take too much time introducing posets. If you would like to know more on posets, please let me know.)

  • Lecture 8: Martingale (Scribed by Qi Duan, Last updated on Tuesday Oct 14, 2003). This is very much incomplete. I will add more things later if I have the time. (Wonder when?)
Sep 29 Hung Q. Ngo

Martingales and Tight concentrations

Oct 06 Hung Q. Ngo

Martingales and Tight Concentrations

Oct 13 Hung Q. Ngo

Pseudo randomness, Expander Graphs, Algebraic Graph Theory

Oct 20 Hung Q. Ngo

Topics: Circuit complexity

Oct 27 Hung Q. Ngo

Topics: Derandomization

Nov 03 Guang Xu  
Nov 10 Anusha R. Iyer  
Nov 17 Dazhen Pan  
Nov 24 Thanks giving We'll take a break here!
Dec 01 Qi Duan