Computer Science and Engineering
SUNY at Buffalo

CSE 531: Design and Analysis of Algorithms

Instructor: Hung Q. Ngo

Fall 2007

Tue Thu, 1100-1220,
Talbert 115 (map)

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Teaching Staff Contact and Administrative Information
Hung Q. Ngo (instructor)
Office: 238 Bell Hall
Office Hours: Tue & Thu 9:30-10:30
Phone: 645-3180 x 160
Email: hungngo (at) cse (dot) buffalo (dot) edu
Mr. Yang Wang (teaching assistant)
Office: Trailer B14
Office Hours: Fridays 1:30pm-3:30pm
Phone: TBA
Email: yw43 (at) buffalo (dot) edu
Recitation: R2 Wed 9:00-9:50 103 Talbert
Ms. Thanh-Nhan Nguyen (teaching assistant)
Office: Trailer E17
Office Hours: Wednesdays 1:30pm-3:30pm
Phone: TBA
Email: nguyen9 (at) buffalo (dot) edu
Recitation: R1 Mon 8:00-8:50 214 Norton

Course Description:

This course introduces basic tools and techniques for the design and analysis of computer algorithms. Topics include asymptotic notations and analysis, greedy algorithms, divide and conquer, dynamic programming, network flows, NP-completeness, linear programming, approximation algorithms, and randomized algorithms. For each topic, many representative problems and their algorithms shall be discussed. In addition to the design and analysis of algorithms, students are expected to gain substantial discrete mathematics problem solving skills essential for computer engineers and scientists.

Course Objectives:


Data Structures (CSE250), Calculus II, and a course that requires formal proofs.
The desire and ability to learn new ideas quickly.

At the end of this course, each student should be able to:


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