Computer Science and Engineering
SUNY at Buffalo

CSE 489/589: Modern Networking Concepts

Instructor: Hung Q. Ngo
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Spring 2009

MWF, 12:00-12:50
322 Clemen (map)

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There will be (hopefully light) changes to the following schedule throughout the semester. Please check back weekly!

Lecture notes:
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Tentative schedule

Week Topics Notable Events
1. Jan 12 Fri, Jan 16: Project 1 out.  (Could be late by a couple of days, i.e. may be out on Saturday or Sunday. Please check the blog for announcement.)

No recitations in the first week. 

TAs will hold no office hours in the first week. 

My office hours are still held though.

2. Jan 19
  • Topics:
    • Brief Intro to the TCP/IP Transport Layer: TCP & UDP introduction.
    • Unix Network Programming API.
  • Reading Assignment:
    • Textbook: Chapter 2, and Section 3.1
    • Beej's Guide to Network Programming
    • Introduction To Unix Signals Programming
    • Read the following network programming examples carefully, in the order given. The simpler example goes first.
      1. TCP echo client/server (tar.gz file)
      2. UDP echo client/server (tar.gz file)
      3. TCP echo client/server with select (tar.gz file)
      4. Generic server (tar.gz file)
No class on Mon, Jan 19: Martin Luther King day.
3. Jan 26 Mon, Jan 26: hw1 out.
4. Feb 02
5. Feb 09 Mon, Feb 09: hw1 due, hw2 out.
6. Feb 16
7. Feb 23 Mon, Feb 23: Project phase 1 due. Project phase 2 out. Absolute deadline!

Fri, Feb 27:
hw2 due.
8. Mar 02 Fri, Mar 06: Midterm exam.
9. Mar 09
No classes this week. Spring recess!
10. Mar 16
  • Topic: Inside a Router
    • Inside a router
    • Switching Fabrics
  • Reading Assignment:
    • Textbook: 4.4--4.5
    • Textbook: 4.6--4.10
  • Suplementary Reading:
    • Issues and Trends in Router Design
    • (The FIFO-IQ means 58% throughput paper) M. Karol, M. Hluchyj and S. Morgan, "Input Versus Output Queueing of a Space-Division Packet Switch," IEEE Transactions on Communications, 35(12):319-352,  December 1987.
    • (MWM for VOQ-switches achieves 100% throughput, so are CIOQ-switches using maximal matching with speedup 2.) J.G. Dai and B. Prabhakr, "The Throughput of Data Switches with and without Speedup," Proceedings of the IEEE INFOCOM, 2:556-564, Tel Aviv, Israel, March 2000
      • (CIOQ emulates OQ with speedup 2, plus WFQ) Shang-Tse Chuang, Ashish Goel, Nick McKeown, Balaji Prabhakar, "Matching Output Queueing with a Combined Input Output Queued Switch," IEEE Journal on Selected Areas in Communications, vol.17, n.6, Dec.1999, pp. 1030-1039.
      • Emilio Leonardi, Marco Mellia, Marco Ajmone Marsan, Fabio Neri: Stability of Maximal Size Matching Scheduling in Input-Queued Cell Switches. ICC (3) 2000: 1758-1763
    • (How large should router's buffer be?) Guido Appenzeller , Isaac Keslassy , Nick McKeown, Sizing router buffer, SIGCOMM 2004
    • (2 good introductory chapters on lookup and classification?) R. Gupta, Algorithms for routing lookup and packet classification, Ph.D. thesis, Stanford. (Chapter 1 | Chapter 2)
    • Nick McKeown, "A Fast Switched Backplane for a Gigabit Switched Router", Business Communications Review, December 1997.
    • A. Parekh and R. Gallager, "A Generalized Processor Sharing Approach to Flow Control in Integrated Services Networks: The Single Node Case," IEEE/ACM Transactions on Networking, 1(3):344-357, June 1993.
    • N. McKeown,  "The iSLIP Scheduling Algorithm for Input-Queued Switches," IEEE/ACM Transactions on Networking, 7(2):188-201, April 1999.
    • Weighted Fair Queueing:
      • A. Demers, S. Keshav,  and S. Shenker, "Analysis and Simulation of a Fair Queueing Algorithm," Proceedings of the ACM Sigcomm '89 and Computer Communications Review 19(4):1-12, 1989.
      • M. Shreedhar and G.Varghese, "Efficient Fair Queueing Using Deficit Round-Robin," Proceedings of the ACM Sigcomm '95 and IEEE/ACM Transactions on Networking, 4(3):375-385, June 1996.
    • Buffer sizing/design:
      • Sundar Iyer, R. R. Kompella, and Nick McKeown, "Designing Buffers for Router Line Cards," IEEE/ACM Transactions on Networking, Nov. 2002. 
    • Other (non-CIOQ) architectures:
      • Sundar Iyer and Nick McKeown, "Analysis of the Parallel Packet Switch Architecture," IEEE/ACM Transactions on Networking, April 2003.
      • Sundar Iyer, Rui Zhang, Nick McKeown, "Routers with a Single Stage of Buffering," ACM SIGCOMM, Pittsburgh, USA, Sep. 2002. Computer Communication Review, vol. 32, no. 4, Oct 2002.
    • Address lookup problem
      • A. Brodnik, S. Carlsson, M. Degermark, S. Pink. “Small Forwarding Tables for Fast Routing Lookups”, Sigcomm 1997, pp 3-14.
      • P. Gupta, S. Lin, N.McKeown. “Routing lookups in hardware at memory access speeds”, Infocom 1998, pp 1241-1248, vol. 3. 
      • P. Gupta, B. Prabhakar, S. Boyd. “Near-optimal routing lookups with bounded worst case performance,” Proc. Infocom, March 2000 
      • V. Srinivasan, G. Varghese, "Fast Address Lookups Using Controlled Prefix Expansion," ACM Transactions on Computing Systems, 1999. (Sigmetrics 1998).
      • P. Gupta, “Algorithms for routing lookups and packet classification”, PhD Thesis, Ch 1 and 2, Dec 2000
      • B. Lampson, V. Srinivasan, G. Varghese. “ IP lookups using multiway and multicolumn search”, Infocom 1998, pp 1248-56, vol. 3. 
      • Y. Lu, B. Prabhakar and F. Bonomi. “Perfect hashing for network applications”, ISIT, July 2006
      • S. Nilsson, G. Karlsson. “Fast address lookup for Internet routers”, IFIP Intl Conf on Broadband Communications, Stuttgart, Germany, April 1-3, 1998.
      • M. Waldvogel, G. Varghese, J. Turner, B. Plattner. “Scalable high speed IP routing lookups”, Sigcomm 1997, pp 25-36.
11. Mar 23
  • Topic: same as last week
Mon, Mar 23: hw3 out.
12. Mar 30
13. Apr 06 Wed Apr 08: hw3 due, hw4 out.
14. Apr 13
15. Apr 20 I will be out of town for the entire week. I will ask one of the TAs to cover for me. Friday Apr 24: project 2 due. Absolute deadline!

16. Apr 27
  • Wrap things up - review for final exam. 
  • Monday, Apr 27 is the last day of classes.
  • Monday Apr 27: hw4 due.
Monday, May 04: Final Exam, 3:30pm--6:30pm, Knox 110