Prof. Corso moved to the Electrical Engineering and Computer Science department at the University of Michigan in the 8/2014. He continues his work and research group in high-level computer vision at the intersection of perception, semantics/language, and robotics. Unless you are looking for something specific, historically, here, you probably would rather go to his new page.
Jason J. Corso
Associate Professor
Computer Science and Engineering
SUNY at Buffalo
Office: Davis Hall 332
Phone: 716-645-4754
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Vita: [pdf]
Hours: R 1200-1400
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Older News (pre-twitter)
Corso is awarded a IARPA ALADDIN grant on the Kitware team.

The Summer of Code 2010 Project has come to a close. We will be posting an open-source library of object detection routines for general research use on the website soon.

Corso is awarded an IC Postdoc Fellowship grant and a DARPA Mind's Eye grant.

Our research on speeding up Computed Tomography reconstruction with GPU's appears on NVIDIA's CUDA Zone website.

Corso is the recipient of an NSF CAREER award 2009-2014 for research in computer vision.

Corso is awarded a DARPA grant to participate in the 2009 Computer Science Study Group.

Organized the High-Performance (HP) MICCAI 2008 workshop, HPMICCAI 2008. Special Issue is the June 2010 issue of Elsevier Computer Methods and Programs in Biomedicine.

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